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india travel guide

India travel guide

india travel guide

India – A mixture of culture, beauty and love is known to provide special and refreshing experience to every traveler who loves to see different colors of life at single place. The biggest democracy in the globe, the charm of India attracts millions of visitors every year. One of the most traveled tourist location in the globe, Indian welcomes a big number of vacationers from all over the globe through its remarkable tourist attractions and India travel guide and holiday packages.

Known for its cultural and spirituality heritage, Indian is a country with some of the most wonderful and beautiful visitor’s destinations and that is the reason why the tourism of India does not down. Top cultural heritage, beautiful beaches, adventure, historical monuments, the range of hills and mountains, deserts, breath taking landscapes, and a top flora and fauna are some of the big attraction of India tour. Whether you travel to the southern part of the wonderful northern indie, you will forever find something remarkable experiences on every step. Whether you like serene environment or the adventure, India is capable to fulfill all your wishes. The Himalayan region of India makes you want to know everything about the super beauty of mountains.

The northern Indian presents you the wonderful opportunities to travel around the Paradise on Planet “Kashmir”, the very peaceful Himachal Pradesh and wild park of Uttaranchal at the base of Himalayan region, the Delhi, the national capital of India, will make you enjoy and understand the Indian history through its range of historical monuments. India travel guide and tourism are not just big and welcoming but it makes the tourist fall in love with the nation. The Taj Mahal, the symbol of love in Agra is said to the India super attraction.

The Western region on the other hand gives the remarkable culture and royalty of Punjab, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. There are the most important cities with the attractions like wildlife parks, holy temples, palatial palaces, Havelis, and sanctuaries, Gurudwaras and a lot of other beautiful attractions. The flavor of food will make you eat more than you can chew and the dresses will make look even more remarkable. The eastern India is even more wonderful with the range of places like Assam and Sikkim, which is known to be the lush tourism of India.

And definitely, one cannot reject the popular states like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, which are widely famous for the lovely temples and the caves. The best India travel guide

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