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Indian restaurants in Miami-the taste of India

Indian restaurants in Miami-the taste of India

Indian restaurants in Miami-the taste of India

Indian restaurants in Miami-the taste of India

Indian restaurants in Miami

Indian restaurants in Miami-the taste of India

Indian restaurants in Miami-the taste of India

Basically, Miami is famous for extraordinary Latin cuisine, starting from Cuban and ending at Peruvian. But other forms of eateries were harder to find. In the recent years, the Indian restaurants have been demanding and even a Kendell Indian chef has been nominated for the James Beard Award. Now if you are thinking to attempt the best Indian restaurants in Miami, but do not know where to start from, then check out the following one that is worth your try.

Bombay Darbar

If you are looking to pass magical moments with your colleague or going on a date with him or her, then Bombay darbar is just the ideal one. Bombay is the previous name of the Indian city, Mumbai. It is an ideal place to have the staple food of India in various menus. In the recent years it has grown with much greater service and nobody has to wait for food. The attention of the service providers is appreciable more than the other Indian restaurants. Apart from everything, the cuisine would leave you with lip smacking experience.

Kebab Indian restaurant

This restaurant has enough in its store and is known to provide a never forgetting flavour to the mass. If aloo gobi is in your favourite list, then Kebab is just an ideal place to indulge in. Located at the North Miami Beach, it has been a nice option to serve spicy, fresh and hot Indian cuisine to the guests of different region. You must try the nun and the butter chicken that is really exceptional.  Remarkable services are provided by the waitresses as they are very attentive and welcome customers with a warm smile. Other than the food quality and service, the decor and ambience of the restaurant is mind blowing.

Copper chimney

It is an Indian restaurant influenced by the residents of Miami which is quite on the upper position on the list of Indian restaurants in Miami. They know to create a posh ambience and are not like any other Indian restaurants in the town. It has a traditional essence and Indian decor management. Besides sitting there inside the awesome restaurant and having delicious Indian flavour. You can also see live performances with Indian music and watch Bollywood movies on their television. Altogether there is an Indian environment created inside the cafe.

Ayesha Fine Dining

It is a high class restaurant and the cost is a bit higher than the other Indian eateries in the town. The name of the owner is Mike Hussain and he is in the town with a huge ambition to provide Indian essence to the food lovers. Other than Ayesha he runs many other restaurants in the city like Saffron Jupiter and Saffron West Palm Beach. The cuisine cost is higher but the menus are worth the expense. Attentive service is provided with extra amount. So before entering the place check if your pocket can afford it or not.

Lazeez Indian cuisine

This is a simple and modest with Kendell based Indian restaurant. This is just a perfect restaurant for the busy people as it provides quick service and generous items such as karahi mutton, chicken boti and vegetable curry. Unique items of Indian type are also served like the bun kabob burger prepared with shami kabob, egg, tomato, lettuce and onion. The roti roll is also another cuisine to give you an essence of India.

Bollywood Masala

It is located in the South Miami and is known to serve Indian meal to the guests. The service is very quick and waiting for food is not a feature of this restaurant rather it comes with freshly made cuisines. That is why the menus are highly customisable and is limited. You could select from the fast and casual menu list that includes paneer, chola, chicken masala and a number of other options. You are free to choose toppings or chutney that you would feel good with the cuisine.

While you are in Miami you should definitely visit these restaurants to get a taste of Indian food. Other than these few restaurants mentioned above, there are many other Indian restaurants too in the town like Sweetwater, Taste buds of India and many more.

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