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Jahengir Art Gallery

Jahengir Art Gallery

Jahengir Art Gallery

Jahengir Art Gallery

Jahengir Art Gallery

Jahengir Art Gallery

Jahengir Art Gallery- the World of Artists

Established in the year 1952, Jehangir Art Gallery was founded by Cowasji Jehangir inspired by Homi Bhabha and K.K. Hebbar. The entire building cost of the gallery was donated by the son of late Sir Cowasji. The mansion is located behind the prince of Wales Museum at Kala Ghoda. The art gallery is very close to the Gateway of India, Mumbai and is featured by four halls for art exhibition. It is a prestigious venue where many artists get a chance to showcase their art. The chief minister of Bombay B. G. Kher inaugurated the gallery for the betterment of the artists and students. Entering there is free of cost. A huge rush of artists could be seen in the gallery and many artists had to wait to display their arts in the gallery of Jehangir. Media also pay a great attention to the gallery to exhibit work of great artists. The gallery is maintained by the Bombay Art Society. The visiting hours starts from 11 in the morning till 7 in the evening and is opened on all days of the week.

Building structure

Designed by the architect Durga Bajpai it is based on the concrete structures with ancient architectural design. It has been designed in a combined manner of an art gallery and an auditorium. This is a unique gallery in the city with an introvert concept.  The four hall of the gallery presents the possible facilities to display different visual and mediums:

  • Exhibition hall
  • Terrace art gallery used for photography
  • Auditorium hall
  • Hirji Jehangir gallery

These four halls comprised of the gallery. Every year it presents 300 shows that attract lots of visitors. The gallery also sponsors the famous Monsoon Art Show with huge exhibition shows of modern artists. Many artists those who do not get a chance to showcase their work display it outside the gallery on the pavement.

What to see

Natesan’s, the famous and old antique jewelers spot belongs to the gallery premise. The popular café, Samovar also stands on the gallery campus. The art gallery of Jehangir is a super place that sparks the mind and adds charm to the mood. One of the liveliest festivals of art and culture, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is celebrated here. The exhibition that are presented in the gallery is very competitive and interested artist need to apply in advance to showcase their work, although it is not guaranteed and is partly based on luck.

Over the years the gallery is seen to showcase works of many great artists such as Akbar Padamsee, M. F. Hussaion, A. Ramachandran, S. K. Bakre and many more. The gallery takes an initiative to promote arts of local students and artists. The pavement in front is a testament to view the countries’ Art Scene, where artists from around the country are found to display their work. Many artists, who do not get a chance to display their works, are found to showcase it on the outside pavement.

How to reach Jahengir Art Gallery

The gallery is on Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Chowk in the fort area of Kala Ghoda. State and private buses are available to the chowk from where the art gallery is closer. Cabs and autos could also be hired. The nearest railway station is CST and from there all kinds of public transport are available to the spot.

Jehangir Art Gallery is like a dream place for the people who love art at an extreme level. Art is a method of expressing some social message or a condition of expression of one’s own mind and thoughts. It may be something that you are thinking to create. Artists find a way to express their feelings and thought through art. This is something interesting to spot so many arts in one place and you are bound to dip inwards when gazing at all these masterpieces. Art also describes our historical pasts and cultures of that period. All together it makes up the art gallery of Jehangir. Understand the meaning of great arts is not easy; one has to be creative and thoughtful. The main aim of the gallery is to connect the artists with the common man.

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