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Jain Temple Kolkata

Jain Temple Kolkata

Jain Temple Kolkata

Jain Temple Kolkata

Jain Temple Kolkata

Jain Temple Kolkata

Jain Temple Kolkata- Pareshnath Mandir

The Jain Temple Kolkata is also known as the Pareshnath temple which is regarded as a major tourist attraction due to its unique beauty and purity. The temple is dedicated to the 23rd Tirthankar of the Jains who is known as Pareshnath. There are other Jain temples in the city located at different places but the one in Badri das Temple Street in northeastern part of Kolkata is the most beautiful one with a huge royal building. Jain from various parts of the country arrives there all through the year. The place seems to be much crowded in the Jain festivals such as Mahabir Jayanti and Paryushan. Paryushan is celebrated for one month starting from 15th August to 15th September. This period is regarded as holy and they do many charitable services celebrating Ahimsa. The creator of this temple is Rai Badridas Bahadur Mookim who established it in the year 1867.

There are for temples inside the temple premise. The first one is the Mahavir swami temple dedicated to Sri Mahavir swami. The second one is the Shitalnath Ji temple dedicated to Shitalnath Bhagwan. His deity is seen seated in the sanctum and his forehead is studded with diamonds which is the main attractive thing to see. The lamp inside the sanctum is kept burning since the initiation of the temple. The other two is Chandrapabhu ji temple and Dadawari where the footprint of Acharya Jin Dutt is located.

Structure of Jain Temple Kolkata

The structure is impressive and consists of mirror stuffed pillars and windows made of glasses. The interior of the temple is very splendid. It is surrounded by beautiful flowered gardens with a fountain amidst it. A stream is seen to flow through it. The fountain looks awesome when water flows out of it in perfect rhythm. There is a reservoir where you can see colourful fishes along the surface of the water. The temple floor is made of marble that give it a sombre look and a symbol of purity. The exterior and interior of the place exhibits great artistic patterns. Chandeliers add up to the beauty making the inner region sparkle with divine glow. You have to cross 13 marble stairs to reach the Vehranda o the temple. The gateway of the temple is really eye catching. There is a museum and a room to greet people coming there.

Tips before you visit Jain temples

The Jain temple is regarded as the purest place and as they are full vegetarian, they prefer to enter the temple in a pure form. So you need to take off your shoes before entering there. And if you have anything made of leather in your body then you also have to take off those things such as leather hand watches, belts, bags, purse etc. Wash off your feet up to the knee before you step at the main temple.  Do not talk loudly that could disturb the peaceful environment.

Visiting hours

The temple is opened on all days of the week. The visiting hours starts from 6 am in the morning till 7 pm in the evening. Photography or video is not at all allowed inside the temple. It takes two hours to visit and satisfy your soul. You would love to visit the place again and again.

Other Jain temples in Kolkata

  • Badridas temple in Maniktala
  • Jain Mandir in canning road
  • Shree Digambar Jain Mandir in Bortola, Borobazar market.
  • Digambar Jain Pareshnath temple at Belgachia
  • Shantinath Digambar jain mandir in Kakurgachi, phool bagan
  • Jain Swetamber Panchayati Mandir in ac market Jorasanko

The temple glows with serene beauty and if anyone who is in search for a peaceful place with a divine and positive vibration all around, then entering this Jain Temple Kolkata would make you feel just the same you want. The structure, cleanliness and shining beauty would take you to a different world and the place is double the worth your visit. The all-time-lighted lamp, the background, diamond stuffed forehead of the deity, the fountain stream and the fishes in the reservoir altogether makes the place a nice one to relax and feel the purity and divinity of the almighty God.

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