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Jazz Koktebel Festival

Jazz Koktebel Festival

Jazz Koktebel Festival

Jazz Koktebel Festival

Jazz Koktebel Festival

Jazz Koktebel Festival

Jazz Koktebel Festival

Jazz Koktebel Festival  – the largest and probably the most inspired open-air history in Ukraine and Russia. The genius of Max Voloshin inspired the organizers to create a festival here, for the past eight years, wins a good three dozen of thousands of good people from their homes for three days of sleepless joy and memories for the next five years. This – the community Koktebel Jazz Festival: Pilgrims of freedom, drive, and cultural communication. We are so happy together!

Justifying the hope and anticipation of ecstatic experience, the festival is steadily moving forward: we intend to continue to develop as a leader of the right open-air movement for people who are waiting for a whole year for September, to give jazz among thousands like themselves.

Jazz Koktebel – more than Jazz Festival … “One of the objectives of the festival – to change attitudes to jazz as” outdated music?. Today Jazz Koktebel – is a movement, changing the world for the better, non-standard music attracts more and more people as opposed to universal peace to be standard.”

Koktebel Jazz Festival History

Jazz Koktebel begins its history in 2003. It originated as a private initiative of Dmitri Kiselev (Russia) and “mother” of the festival – permanent leader of the organizing committee Lilies Mlinarich (Ukraine), in contrast to the dominance of “plywood” and tasteless, squall rushing at us from television screens and newspaper pages.

Jazz Koktebel organizes active in charitable activities. In 2003, for the first festival, a was built waterfront area in front of the House-museum of Voloshin for his 100 anniversary, and in 2004-2005 – rebuilt Museum itself. The gift of children’s Koktebel art school was given a unique electronic piano Yamaha.

Jazz Koktebel and ecology

Festival Jazz Koktebel pays great attention to the purity of Koktebel – for cleaning the village and the festival grounds a few years brought eco-volunteers. And last year, with the assistance of the village council of festival environmental Troopers, helped to clean up one of the most unique places in the Crimea – Reserve Quiet Cove.

Volunteers of Jazz Koktebel

For several years the festival is establishing the conditions for participation in environmental activities of groups of eco-volunteers from different countries. In implementing them with the help of a variety of environmental actions, festival organizers not only solves the immediate environmental problems of the village and surrounding protected areas (removal of a quiet bay, the eco-patrol, etc.), but also contribute to the formation of active environmental awareness in the local environment.

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