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Jog Falls in Karnataka

Jog Falls in Karnataka

Tourist Places near Jog Falls in Karnataka

If you are visiting the Jog Falls, then you can make your trip all the more enjoyable by visiting the various other tourist destinations in close proximity. Jog falls is considered one of the highest ranging waterfalls, in the country. It originates from the River Sharavati and is around 253 meters in height. It is located in the Shimoga district, which is a famous touring destination in the state of Karnataka. It is also famously known as the Jogada falls, or the Gersoppa falls. The natural beauty of the falls makes the region an ideal tourist spot that attracts a large number of tourists during the rainy season and winters. The cool environment also makes the region an ideal destination to be toured during the summers, especially for those coming from the east of India.

One of the most important tourist places near the Jog Falls is the Linganmakki Dam that has served as a major hydroelectric power station from 1948. It has been erected over the Sharavati River and is about 6 km away from the famous Jog Falls. It is the prime reservoir for the Mahatma Gandhi power unit and is around 1819 ft above sea level. A famous island that is in close proximity to the river Sharavati is Honnemaradu. It is bordered by the black waters flowing from the Sharavati and is also toured by various people for conducting water sports tournaments.

Jog Falls
Jog Falls

Numerous touring agencies can affix a tour for the people visiting the Jog Falls and the nearby tourist places near Jog falls. The Sharavati River divides into four major segments forming Rani, Raja, Rover, and Rocket falls. The beauty of the Jog falls can be enjoyed from a distance but if you want to reach the base of the waterfall, you will have to take a walk of about an hour through the arduous and rocky terrain. The entire region of the tourist places near Jog falls covered by dense forests, which is a location you cannot miss if you are the kind that loves the nature trail.

You can hire some tourist guides for a trip to the Swarna Nadi River. The entire river houses crystal clear water and the rocky terrain around the river make the trip even more exciting and thrilling. The Tunga Anecut situated in a place called Gajanur, which is approximately 10kms away from the district of Shimoga. The famous Tunga Dam, which is also a preferred family picnic spot, is located here. Presently, certain changes are being implemented in the construction of the dam for which it is closed for the public, but as soon as the work is completed, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the dam. Yet another dam, which is highly famous in Karnataka is the BRP dam and is amongst the most significant tourist places near Jog falls. It is situated near the famous Kuvempu University and at a distance of around 28 km from Shimoga. This dam covers a massive height of around 194 ft and is erected over the famous Bhadra River. You can also enjoy guided boat rides to the islands, which has been created along the river.



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