Jorethang Travel Guide

Jorethang Travel Guide – Places To Visit & Things to Do In

Jorethang is an attractive scenic spot in South Sikkim, situated at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level on the banks of the Regent River, which is not so popular among tourists but the natural beauty and adventurous activities in the Regent River keep everyone on its side. Attracts Jorethang Situated just a short distance from Darjeeling in West Bengal, where newly married couples can spend some wonderful moments.

Apart from this, adventure enthusiasts can also enjoy many activities here. Jorethang has many amazing hotels and restaurants serving delicious cuisine. The Jorethang Travel Guide has been provided to tourists so that they can make their journey hassle-free and make Jorethang travel exciting and entertaining.

Best time to visit Jorethang

The climate of Jorethang is favorable throughout the year, tourists can make a plan to go here according to their minds. The period from March to June is considered ideal for sightseeing in order to see all the four colorful flowers and greenery. Apart from this, tourists should visit Jorethang during winter to see the cool winds and slight snowfall. Some problems can arise in the rain, so avoid going to Jorethang.

Places to visit in Jorethang

Regent River

Regent River

The Regent River is the largest tributary of the largest Teesta river in Sikkim which flows through Jorethang. The suspension bridge built over this river and the nearby Shiva temple are the major attractions, tourists can do many activities and sports on the river. The Rangeet River is formed as a result of the melting of Himalayan ice and is a perennial river from which electricity is also produced. There is also a sanctuary near the river where tourists can go for a picnic.



Kokthang, situated at an altitude of 5,796 meters above sea level near Jorethang, is one of the highest peaks in India. Kokthang has Rathong, Kabru, Bokoh, and Danjogari peaks, tourists can enjoy adventure activities like trekking here. Formerly it has been climbed by a Captain of the Indian Army.

Tourist Facts in Jorethang

  • Tourists can do attractive activities like river rapping and trekking in Jorethang.
  • Magha Mela is held at Jorethang during Makar Sankranti, in which tourists can see many cultural activities and buy traditional – artistic items.
  • The fair hosts spectacular events such as dance competitions, para-gliding shows, hot balloon shows, and marathons.
  • Enjoy some exciting and entertaining activities at the fair.

How to reach Jorethang

  • The nearest to Jorethang is Bagdogra Airport, from here tourists can go to Jorethang by taxi/cab.
  • Tourists can come to Jorethang by bus or taxi to go to the nearest new Jalpaiguri railway station near Jorethang when leaving by train.
  • Tourists can hire a bus or taxi to go to Jorethang by road. Jorethang is 80 to 90 km away from Gangtok.

Jorethang Travel Tips

  • The tourist must carry all the necessary items such as warm clothes, food items, chargers, and necessary medicines.
  • Respect the local culture and tradition of Jorethang.
  • When traveling during Covid 19, please carry Covid negative reports, masks, and sanitizers together.
  • Tourists keep cash with them as there may be problems in getting ATMs and networks in many places.


Jorethang is an enchanting city surrounded by the attractive plains of the Himalayas where tourists can enjoy adventurous activities such as trekking and rapping as well as an enchanting view of the sunrise. Jorethang Travel Guide will make the journey of tourists exciting.

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