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Kalpa sightseeing

Kalpa sightseeing

Kalpa sightseeing

Kalpa sightseeing

Kalpa sightseeing

How to make a memorable Trip at  Kalpa sightseeing

kalpa is small settlement lies in Kinnaur which is in Himachal Pradesh. This town located on the Sutlej River. This area is famous for its apple orchards and some wonderful temples. The moment when you come to see the Kalpa sightseeing, you get amazed by its natural beauty and the stunning view of Kinner-Kailash Mountains. This place is the foremost preference for adventure seekers as it offers many enjoyable activities like trekking, mountain-cycling, jeep safaris, biking and many more.

The magnificent beauty of this place attracts many visitors during the whole year. If you want to experience the sightseeing and trekking, the summer season is best as the weather is pleasant during this period. If you are shopping lover then here you can find some lovely handmade Kinnauri shawls and caps in Kalpa. From June to August this place is at the peak of its tourism, during this span, tourists from all over the world visit here to unfold the beauty of this place.

If you are planning to pay a visit to see Kalpa sightseeing, then surely you don’t want to miss out some famous spots there;

Suicide Point

Suicide Point is just a few miles away from Kalpa. People are forced to call it as Suicide point due to its amazing surroundings by slopes and trench. You don’t want to miss the stunning beauty of apple orchards during the journey to this place. This point is so starling that tourists even fail to recall the dangerous trench and some vertical slopes they walk through. The centre of attraction of this place is quite dangerous due to its slopes and trench but it is main magnetism for visitors.

Kinnaur Kailash

People call it the land of fairy tales and fantasies, the stunning beauty of the lush green valley, apple orchards and cold desert mountains are the centre of attraction of this place. The rich flora & fauna make it as the wonderful sight of Kalpa sightseeing. The vast choice of trekking and other adventurous activities are also available here. The refreshing and pleasant weather of this place even makes it unique for the visitor to come here and unfold its stunning beauty. The Gushing rivers, breathtaking valleys, stunning villages, majestic mountains and natural greenery make it one of the passionate spots among visitors as hundreds of tourists visit here each day.

Sapni Fort

Sapni Fort is one of the extraordinary examples of its architecture of ancient people. This place is near the sapni village. If you are architecture lover then this spot is not less than heaven. Many magnetic places are here which will capture your soul. Fort which was constructed by ancients by sticking two building and the seven-story building here has a Kali Temple and it has some of the unique woodworks on windows and doors which attracts a large number of travellers. The best time to experience the beauty of this place during the months of March and September. Tourists who visit here also keen to see the Temple of the village, dedicated to Lord Buddha. Tourists always wanted to explore the charm of this village during their trip

 Basteri Village

Situated on the left bank of the Bapsa River, Basteri village is most popular for its items like handicraft shawls to caps which you can get in good quality. This spot is mostly known for its charming surrounding and landscapes. It is one of the villages that offer the view of the great Himalayas and provide relaxing and peaceful experience to its guest. This region is also famous for its Pine nuts and pinusgerardiana, which is grown a lot in this place, and travellers must buy these when they visit there. Trout Fishing, which located on the way toward this village never missed by tourists.

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