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Kalsubai peak trek

Kalsubai peak trek

Kalsubai peak trek

Kalsubai peak trek

Kalsubai peak trek

Kalsubai peak trek, the Everest of Maharashtra

Amazingly beautiful, the Kalsubai peak is regarded as the highest point in the entire state of Maharashtra. It stands at an elevation of 5400 meters and is known as the Everest of Maharashtra. Kalsubai peak trek is an awesome experience and the top view is worth the trekking journey. According to the historical definition, Kalsubai was the name of a woman who was forced to get out of the village at the base of the mountain. After she was thrown out, she started to live up the mountain and finally died there. Due to this incident, people started calling the mountain by her name until now. There is a wildlife sanctuary surrounding the mountain called Kalsubai Harischandragad Wildlife sanctuary. A temple stands on top of the mountain. Lots of devotees, trekkers, and wildlife enthusiasts visit the mountain every year.

How to reach Kalsubai peak trek

Kasara railway station

The mountain is accessible by road from anywhere in the city. You can reach the summit via Igatpuri that is located on Mumbai –Nasik road. Kasara railway station is the nearest railway port which can be reached from Mumbai. From the station, state transport buses leave for the village base through Akole- Kasara road. Among the public transport system, there are many options for private vehicles such as taxis and auto rickshaws.

Kalsubai trekking

Kalsubai trekking

People and interested devotees like to visit the mountain, no matter how much the scale is. Well featured trekking routes are available to reach the destination mountain. The village base, Bari is the starting point leading the route through the face of the eastern mountain. The route features a river named as Waki River, nearby which lies the Hanuman temple. This temple is said to be a testing ground for the tired trekkers. They take a break at this point and get ready to cover the final part of their trekking journey to reach the hilltop. The route rises from behind the temple and is a combination of both easy and hard rocky slopes. In the past, many footfalls have been reported due to which the government had built up iron ladders recently along the slopes to assist the trekkers for a safe journey. Additionally, there is another route which goes via Indore. This is less explored as many people are unaware of it. This route is safe enough for the trekkers that provide a long iron chain and stone steps for climbing assistance.

Nearby attractions

Umbrella falls

  • Umbrella falls– this is magical falls dashing through the slopes downstream formed from the lake of Arthur.
  • Bhandardara Dam– the dam is provided water from the Paravara River forming the lake of Arthur that resulted in the creation of this dam.
  • Arthur Lake: this is a lake in the Sahyadri hills surrounded by thick forest. The lake is fantastic with clean and crystal clear water.
  • There is a cluster of forts at the northern part of the mountain range, such as Brahmagiri, Ghargad, Harihargad, and Ramsej. The eastern range also houses many forts along with the West and South Western part.

What to carry

  • A pair of comfortable trekking shoes
  • Comfortable fitted clothing- t-shirts and track pants
  • Caps or hats
  • Water bottle of 2 liters
  • Waterproof backpack and jacket
  • Torch lights
  • Personal sleeping bag

     (Do’s and Don’ts)

  • Do not carry any valuable things with you during the trek
  • Do not wear any slippers
  • Pay attention to trek instructors
  • Do not use perfume

The Kalsubai peak trek is fun to explore with friends and family. The place is also suitable for photography and is a heaven for nature lovers. The mountain is bordered by lush greeneries and the trekking is both funs filled and challenging. It is no so tough to reach the summit government has made arrangements for the travelers by building ladders along the slope. The temple at top of the hill is dedicated to mother Kalsubai, where villagers offer pujas and celebrate the festivals. There are many online sites that make arrangements for the trek in groups. You can try those as there are guides and instructors and step by step process. It is better to go with experienced people other than going alone.


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