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Kendua Village

Kendua Village

Kendua Village

Kendua Village

Kendua Village

Kendua Village Tour – Visit Today!

Kendua Village is located completely outside the Jhargram city. Kendua Village and Garshalboni is most popular for bird watching and village walk or more appropriately it can be called as a Jungle Walk. Both of the places are close to Lodhasuli and located along SH 5. Different blogs available over the internet shared different opinions about this location. But it is actuallyahard task locate these places than mentioned online. With no sign boards, no directions and no Google map direction the task becomes more difficult. Even the expected localists cannot recognize by these names.

On being asked about Kendua village or Garshalboni, many localists turn-up more puzzeled than expected. From the junction from where you should take turn to reach the heart of the village, take the turn to reach your destination.

How to reach Kendua and Garshalboni?

With no sign or banner to guide, guidance based on local people’s view acts as the key source of information en-route to this destination. From Kolkata/ Kharagpur side, the road along NH 6, leads to SH 5 towards Jhargram. A drive of about 5 km along SH5 leads to “veshojuddan”, a local land mark widely known as medicinal plant garden. A right turn from VeshojUddan leads to a gramin road – a road made of concrete taking you towards Lab Kush. It’s a nice road recently constructed under gram Sarkar yojna Prokolpo.

From Jhargram city, after about 20 km car drive, outwards from the city there comes Shalboni forest on both sides of the state highway. Reshmi cement factory, a big cement factory can be used as the next land mark from there. This factory acts as the gateway for Garshalboni. Just a 200-meter drive from Garshalboni,a concrete road on the left will welcome its tourists indicating it was built under prodhanmontri gram sarakjojona. That very left leads to Kendua village and medicinal plant garden.

Garshalboni and Kendua village

A 3km drive through jungle type village environment will amaze the tourists most, during the monsoons.Due to rain the whole environment turns into a green hub of variety of tress and unknown plants. Birds twittering over the trees won’t look familiar. Most of them are migratory birds and they prefer to move in flocks. Roadconditions are commendable throughout the year round. With no sign of human existences along the roads or fields nature acts as a very good companion. On left, inside the deep jungle, there are few resorts for the tourists to take shelter amidst nature. But, people generally don’t stay back for they fulfill their purpose and leave the destination to enjoy more of Mother Nature.

A walk through the Kendua village is more like a walk through the woods in a dense forest. The diversification of birds along with change of nature from time to time is mesmerizing. For a breathtaking experience in the lap of nature Kendua village is a must visit for nature thirsty people. So don’t waste another minute and visit this village right now with your loved ones.


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