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Khadakwasla Dam

Khadakwasla Dam

Khadakwasla Dam

Khadakwasla Dam in Pune

Khadakwasla Dam

Khadakwasla Dam- a weekend spot in Pune

If you are planning to visit a dam in Pune then Khadakwasla Dam is the prominent one for you as it is the major dam in the city to supply water to the whole city and its suburbs. It stands over the Mutha River and is 21 km away from the city center of Pune. In the 19th century, a severe drought took place in East Pune which was the main reason to reconstruct this dam in a more refined way.  People are seen visiting this dam during the monsoon season. Local tourists find this place a beautiful weekend destination due to its scenic beauty.

About Khadakwasla Dam

It has formed a reservoir known as Khadakwasla lake and the total capacity to hold water is 374 million cubic meter. The dam was established in the year 1869 in the village of Khadakwasla in Pune. To the south of the city lies the Sinhgad Fort and Panshet dam along with Verasgaon Dam which is the main source of irrigation of Pune including Khadakwasla Lake. The dam once collapsed in the year 1961 leading destruction of the city. It was believed that it happened due to overloading of upstream into the dam which it could not withstand and burst that caused the greatest disaster ever happened in Pune till date.

Structure of Khadakwasla Dam

The length of the dam is 16 km and is built at the confluence of Mutha and Ambi River. The width of the dam varies between 820 to 3280 feet and the depth is regarded as 118 ft or 36 m. the dam has consisted of six outlets for irrigation and 11 sluice gates. The structure of this dam was designed by Sri M. Visveswary.

Reaching there

There are two bus stoppages from where you can reach the dam easily- Khadakwasla gaon bus stop and Khadakwasla Dharan Bus Stop. Taxis and auto rickshaws are available to reach the dam. Moreover, there is good accessibility of buses from anywhere in the city. The nearby railway station is Pune railway station from where the dam is located at a distance of 18 km. the duration of the trip does not more than 2 hours.

What to do Khadakwasla Dam and see

Located within nature with greeneries all round the Khadakwasla Dam is the perfect one to sit and relax and have a good time. Very close to the dam is the Sinhgad Fort which is also a wonderful location in the vicinity that lies over a fascinating peak. The food Chowpatty around the dam is a well-developed food hub with lots of eatery options. The place is popular for roadside eateries such as bhutta and bhelpuri which is liked by everyone. Chaat stalls are found in numerous numbers along the bay. The pleasant atmosphere beside the dam is something to enjoy. You can arrange for a carnival amidst Nature and also enjoy camel rides. Here is a short description of other nearby spots which you can explore while in Khadakwasla Dam.

  1. Panshet – it is an awesome place for spending a day. Water sports are the main attraction of the spot that includes kayaking, banana boat ride, speedboats, and water scooters. It is a distance of 50 km from Pune. Trekking is also another option besides the Panshet reservoir. Be attentive and careful while you are enjoying at the fullest as a few unpleasant incidents are known to happen here due to carelessness.
  2. Sinhgad- this is a beautiful gateway from Pune towards the Kahadakwasla dam. It is also known as Lion fort. The place is also famous as the summer house of Bal Gangadhar Tilak is located here with other monuments.

Once you plan to visit this dam you may also visit the nearby attraction such as Neelkanteshwar and Peacock Bay. The road along the dam known as Sinhgad road is a nice location for a picnic. As the water from this dam is supplied to the city, the water quality is good and is free from any kind of pollution. Due to this, the purification of this water involves a short process. The dams are nowadays becoming tourists’ spot which may lead to water contamination. Preventive measures are being taken to avoid water pollution.

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