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Krishnanagar Rajbari

Krishnanagar Rajbari

Krishnanagar Rajbari

Krishnanagar Rajbari

Krishnanagar Rajbari

Krishnanagar Rajbari

Experience Variety – Krishnanagar Rajbari

The historical city Krishnanagar is pointed at the southern bank of the Jalangi river of West Bengal. The place is mainly famous for its art, and culture which was propagated by its Raja. However, Krishnanagar Rajbari stands as the prime case of Raja’s taste in artistic look. Krishnanagar Rajbari is the ideal attraction point that attracts tourists and visitors every year. The time you don’t want to miss out, during the festivals, the Rajbari and include the whole town is well decorated with magnificent lightings that provide an outstanding feel to its visitors. Along with this, some well-known figures of this place like Bharat Chandra Dwijedrala Raj and Narayan Sanyal arise from this place. Additionally, the Durga Temple where many festivals are celebrated with happiness is also a must visit the site for tourists.

Some famous nearby spots of Krishnanagar Rajbari;


Located in Nadia of West Bengal, Ranaghat is a leading place for its sweets, handloom industry, and alluring flower trade. This town has made its place in the history of Krishnanagar Rajbari during colonial ear. Tourists mostly visit here to taste its mouth-watering sweets which provide an amazing feel, on the other side; its historical culture is also the thing for visitors unfold here. Moreover, Ratha-yatra and Durga Puja are the two well-celebrated festivals of Ranaghat. It is advisable to bring a camera with you to capture this place in your pictures.

Mayapur Dham

The headquarters of ISKCON and the main centre of Gaudiya Vaishnavism, Mayapur Dham is located on the bank of Bhagirathi River. The temple is located in Nabadwip also the birthplace of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and mostly the place is renowned and pointed as the holy place of pilgrimage. The purity and holiness of this place invite many visitors and tourists every year to unfold the amaze of this location.

Roman Catholic Church

Krishnanagar is also gifted with a precious seat of Christain Missionary movement in Bengal. This church here marked itself as the prominent example of its spectacular architecture paintings of Jesus Christ crafted on wooden and canvassed by Italian artists, is enough to provide you with a mouth-opening experience. Furthermore, some other interesting sites to experience here like Protestant church, college Bhavan, the Public library, KrishnaNagar academy, which is the most, visited sites among visitors.

Things to do in Krishnanagar Rajbari

If you are exploring Krishnanagar Rajbari then it is hard to skip the most famous Jhulan Mela a kind of festival that is celebrated every year at the Rajbari during the months of July and August. Apart from the well-celebrated festival Dol Purnima, another famed festival Jagaddhatri Puja is most magnificently celebrated by people, eye-catching lighting system used to dazzle the town provides a special feeling to its tourists. On the contrary, you don’t want to skip the delicious and famous sweets of Krishnanagar Rajbari, Sarbhaja and Sarpuria are the mouth-watering sweets of this place and invite a lot of tourists. The people who prepare sweets like the shop “Adar Chandra Das” have marked a special mention here for the invention of these delicious sweets.

Krishnanagar Rajbari history

Krishnanagar Rajbari is a palace in the town of Krishnanagar in the Indian state of West Bengal. The palace was built in the 18th century by Raja Krishnachandra, the king of Nadia district, as his residence. It is an important historical and cultural site in the region and is known for its architectural and artistic features.

The palace is a blend of traditional and European styles of architecture, with ornate plasterwork, frescoes, and murals decorating the interiors. It also has a number of gardens and courtyards, as well as several temples and other buildings within its complex. The palace is now a museum, displaying a collection of artifacts and artworks from the royal family and the region.

Raja Krishnachandra is known for his contributions to the arts and culture of West Bengal, and the palace is a testament to his patronage of the arts. The palace and its grounds have been used for a number of cultural events, including music and dance performances, and it is an important tourist destination in the region.

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