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Lake Como

Lake Como

Lake Como

Lake Como

Lake Como

Lake Como: Why is it Italy’s Most Popular Lake?

Lake Como (Lago di Como) is one of the well known Italian Lakes goals, not a long way from Milan in the north of Italy. Lake Como is long (50km), thin and to a great degree profound. The southern end forks into two long ‘legs’, with the beautiful town of Bellagio arranged on the projection between them. Like the other Italian Lakes, Lake Como has been well known as a resort since the times of the Roman Empire. Guests as far back as have respected the blue waters and loose in sumptuous manors in the lush lakeside slants above. Today, the greater part of the towns around the shores of Lake Como are well known with sightseers, walkers, cyclists and swimmers.

Lake Como travel data for you

Arrival to this breathtaking lake

Como is on Italy’s primary railroad system, and trains keep running from Milan to Como as often as possible, taking around 40 minutes. They withdraw from Milan’s StazioneCentrale and Stazione Porta Garibaldi, and land at San Giovanni, Como’s principle station.

There is an immediate transport benefit from Bergamo Airport to Como, likewise ceasing – subject to propel booking – at towns along the western shore up to Menaggio. The administration is known as the Lake Como Express and runs three times each day – you can read the most recent timetables and influence appointments on the organization’s site (to see joins board). Transports around Como, including forward go from Como to Bellagio, are worked by ASF Autolinee. These are shabby nearby administrations and a decent method for getting around without an auto.

Get around in Lake Como

Steamers, vessels and transports serve all the fundamental towns on Lake Como. A continuous pontoon benefit interfaces the focal resorts, Lenno, Tremezzo, Villa Carlotta, Cadenabbia, Menaggio, Bellagio and Varenna, including an auto ship. A less incessant however quicker watercraft ventures to every part of the full length of the lake from Como (with stops at the vast majority of the above). Transports run around hourly as far as possible up the west drift from Como round to Colico at the north-east.

Lake Como Places of Attraction

  • Como – At the southern end of the lake, the lake’s fundamental town is a decent base and in spite of the fact that not as alluring as a portion of alternate towns, it remains an exquisite resort. The town has a populace of approximately 80,000 individuals and has Roman or pre Roman birthplaces.
  • Tremezzo – Beautiful little town, ideal opposite Bellagio. Primary fascination is Villa Carlotta with its mind blowing professional flowerbed and pleasant waterfront.
  • Menaggio – The primary town on the Western Shore, it’s an appealing town and not as touristy as Bellagio and Varenna inverse. It has a Youth Hostel (however it’s regularly full at ends of the week). Has a decent passerby just range with cafés, gelaterias and eateries. Likewise has a lake-front small scale golf with a lunch room.
  • Nesso – A residential area about somewhere between Como and Bellagio on the western “leg” of the lake with a delightful waterfall and an extension at the waterfront of the lake. 2 Churches in the Village. On the Regina Strada course (strolling course from Como to Bellagio).
  • Bellagio – Very appealing town at the intersection of the two ‘legs’ of the lake. Can be costly. This is the busiest of the traveler arranged towns. Bellagio is a center point for the pontoon benefit on the lake.
  • Varenna – Another alluring town on the Eastern shore inverse Menaggio and Bellagio. Worth going by for the alluring and unwinding greenhouses of Villa Cipressi and Villa Monastero. Varenna likewise has the remaining parts of a Vezio château that offers striking strives and intermittent falconer appears. The château is a lofty climb, with an ascent of a large number of vertical feet however it is achievable via auto.

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