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Lal Mahal- a famous monument in Pune

Lal Mahal- a famous monument in Pune

Lal Mahal- a famous monument in Pune

Lal Mahal- a famous monument in Pune

Lal Mahal pune

Lal Mahal- a famous monument in Pune

Lal Mahal- a famous monument in Pune

The Lal Mahal of Pune is also known as the Red Palace and is the most popular monument of the city, Pune. The palace has been built by Shahaji Bhosale, father of Shivaji Maharaj. The original Lal Mahal has been initially destroyed, and has been rebuilt which is present till now. In the 16th century AD marriage of Shivaji with Maharani Saibai took place in this Lal Mahal. Actually there is no information regarding the original Lal Mahal, neither its original location is known, nor its structural description. The recently built red palace is not like the original one, and got constructed in the year 1984 which got its final shape in the year 1988.

About Lal Mahal

According to historical information, Lal Mahal is known for the encounter between Shaista Khan and Shivaji where the later cut off the finger of Saista when he tried to escape from the palace through the window. This is the main event for which the place is known to all. Presently the palace holds a large collection of paintings regarding life events of Shivaji. Also there are many carvings of Shivaji with Rajmata Jijabai, along with maps of the state showing forts of Shivaji. There is also a garden in the name of Jijamata which is a leisure park for children. The main attraction of the mahal is the four umbrellas that stand in the palace premises.

The Lal Mahal in Pune is a historical place and people who are interested in history would find the place an attractive one where once Chhtarapati Shivaji used to spend most of his time. There are statues and paintings of Shivaji and his family in the mahal. The palace also has different oil paintings indicating life events of Shivaji. The whole house is red in color and outside the mahal you can see Shivaji’s statue running cart with his mother. Pune Municipal Corporation has done a great plan to once more construct the historical monument. It is a major attraction for the tourists from all over the country and also an inspiration for the present generation.

Useful information

It is located near Shaniwar Vada palace in Kasbapeth region of Pune. Tourists are required to pay an entrance fee of 3 INR per head. The visiting hours start from 9 in the morning till 1 at noon and again from 4 in the afternoon till 8 at night. Although the palace does not resemble the original one totally, but partly it is like the original mahal. You can have an idea of the ancient architecture and structure. The monument is a nice option to visit when you are in Pune.

How to reach

The nearest airport to Lal Mahal is just 9 km away and is known as Lohegaon Air Force Base Airport in Pune. The nearest railway station is Pune railway station situated at a distance of 2 km from the spot. Other transport facilities are also available such as bus and cabs. The place can be reached from anywhere in the city of Pune. Accessibility of auto rickshaws is also available.

Being very near to the Shaniwar wada place, tourists can visit the both palaces together. While you are in the premises of the palace you can feel the past historical vibration of Shivaji era. The red color of the palace attracts visitors on a great range other than historical significance. The recent structure being the replica of the previous original one display a glimpse of the previous one and you can know how was the palace where the great ruler Shivaji used to spend his time. It was also believed that after destruction of the original Lal Mahal, some stones and soil of the palace were used to construct Shaniwar Wada Palace. Although a duplicate one, you can feel the essence of Shivaji’s rule. The Jijamata Garden that has been converted into a children’s park is a major attraction for the kids. Shivaji is known as founder of the Marathi Empire and this place has a great connection with him. The government of Pune had tried their best to restore the palace as it is the proud of Maharashtra.

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