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Lamgao caves

Lamgao caves

Lamgao caves

Lamgao caves Goa

Lamgao caves

Lamgao caves, the Buddhist heritage in Goa

Located in Bicholim, district of North Goa, the Lamgao caves is the best option if you are willing to go on a heritage tour. It is a cave cut out of the rocks and is situated in the village of Lamgao. The cave nearest to Lamgao is smaller in size but its design is creative. You cannot view the gateway to the cave from a long distance as areca palms have covered it in front. There is a stream beside, that increases its beauty. You can notice the stone shiv linga with his carrier Nandi in this small cave. There is another cave that is bigger than this one is used as a shelter in the rainy season. This cave has a complicated route going towards underground.

Reaching there

The village of Lamgao stands at a distance of 33 km from Panjim. There are two ways through which you can reach the cave. If you want to reach there like an adventurous tourist, then follow the trekking route that would take you to the cave through the hill base. And for them who want a peaceful journey nice roads are there going towards the Pandava caves. You can drive yourself on a private car through the road that runs from Bichollim to Mapusa. Alternatively you can also reach there from Pigao village on jetty.

History of Lamgao caves


The word Lamgao basically means the village of Buddhist monks. It has a historical background of inhabitation of Buddhists who came there to live the life of a monk inside the rock cut caves. Previously, Lamgao was known as Lamhagram and the place was being used for mining thereby forming caves. The design on the caves indicated the presence of Buddhist people once upon a time. There were lots of springs and people of Bacholim and nearby areas were served water from these sources. Moreover the springs were used by the Buddhist residents for drinking purpose which is now used by local people for washing utensils and clothes. The natural beauty was far more enchanting and adventurous before than of now. Now you can get a glimpse of the beauty on the architectural design of the caves. The mining activities on the Lamgao area have greatly affected the natural beauty of the region.

Apart from all such degradations, the place is still favorite destinations of tourists from all over the country. The place is being upgraded by the state government to make it an attractive tourists spot. People visit Goa not only from India but also from the whole world. The place possesses a Buddhist touch due to which people from Japan also like to visit the place. The smaller cave possesses intricate architecture which is the main attraction rather than the bigger cave. Reaching there through the trekking route is quite adventurous and excited people love to go from here.

Description of the caves

The caves are crafted out of red lateritic soil making it not so strong and that is why the caves have been left incomplete. Although the caves have a Buddhist background, presently it possesses shiv lingam which is crafted out of stone. Every day the lingam is worshipped by local people. The caves are surrounded by deep natural vegetation with springs flowing from within. Altogether the place seems so natural and enchanting that you would definitely get lost in its magical beauty. You would never feel bore to spend long time in this place. Away from the rudeness of the city life the place offer rejuvenating environment that would leave you peaceful in mind and body after you visit the place. The roots of the tress are seen hanging announcing its old age.

The Lamgao caves in Goa are something new to explore. Goa is not only a place of sea beaches but also day by day the ancient hidden places are being discovered making Goa more attractive and altogether a complete state full of tourists interests and attractions. So next time you visit Goa, make sure to visit these caves which is easy to go, and also something different from all other places. Filled with ancient essence and flourished with magnetic beauty you would like this place, it is assured.

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