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The largest city in the world- Tokyo

the largest city in the world tokio

The largest city in the world- Tokyo

The largest city in the world : Tokyo is officially the capital of Japan and is regarded as the world’s most populous metropolitan area. It is the main place of Japanese government and the emperor of Japan. It is regarded as a city but officially it is known as the metropolitan prefecture. In the Global Economic Power Index Tokyo was ranked first. It is an alpha+ world city. In the year of 2014 Tokyo was ranked as the first in “Best overall experience”.

Location of This City

The main portion of the Tokyo lies in the Northwest side of the Tokyo Bay. The distance that Tokyo covers is 90 km from Eastern side to the Western side and from North to South it covers about 25 km. The borders of Eastern side is the Chiba Prefecture, the Western side is bordered by Yamanashi, Kanagawa is on the South while the North is bordered by Saitama.

Central Wards of Tokyo

There are mainly three central wards of Tokyo and it includes Chiyoda, Minato and Chuo. These are the business core of the city which is having a day time population which is 7 times higher than the night time population. Chiyoda ward is occupied by a number of Japanese companies and is also the place for the seat of the National government. It is mainly known as the political centre of the country. Akihabara is a place for shopping computer goods is situated in Chiyoda. On the Western part of the metropolitan city Tokyo there lies 26 cities.

Islands of Tokyo

There are many islands surrounding the largest city in the world Tokyo. These islands extend up to an area of 1850 km from the central Tokyo. There is a group of volcanic islands known as the Izu islands and this forms the part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National park. The islands of Tokyo are namely Toshima, Izu Oshima, Miyake Jima, Nii jima, Kozu Shima, Mikurajima and Aogashima. There are three subprefectures grouped for the Izu islands. The towns are name Izu Oshima and Hachijojima. The remaining islands include six villages where Nijima and Nikijejima forma a single village. The Ogasawara islands extends from the North to South which includes Chichi-jima, Haha-jima, Minami lwo jima, lwo jima, Kita lwo jima. Two tiny outlying islands are also administered by the Ogasawara. The Eastern most point of Japan is the Minami Torishima and the Southern most part of Japan is the Okinotorishima. In the year of 2006, about 36 percent of the total area of the island was designated as the Natural Parks.

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