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Leh-Ladakh sightseeing

Leh-Ladakh sightseeing

Leh-Ladakh sightseeing

Leh-Ladakh sightseeing

Leh Ladakh sightseeing

Leh-Ladakh sightseeing

Journey on the edge of life-Leh Ladakh sightseeing

Mountain range covered in the blanket of snow, Leh-Ladakh can be best described as India’s Shangri La. Leh Ladakh sightseeing promises the tourist an exhilarating experience. The charming and chilly view of India’s crown would want to surrender to its beauty.It is a place unlike any other hill station; the possibilities of eye-popping and jaw-dropping experiences are truly limitless. While stargazing might just be the fascinating thing to do here, driving through the high mountain passes and wandering in the winding lanes of Leh are once in a lifetime’s experiences. With a number of adventure activities like trekking, jeep safari, rafting, and mountain biking on offer, many adventure enthusiasts get magnetized towards it.

Attractions in Leh Ladakh you don’t want to miss;

Leh palace and other monuments

Located in Leh city Leh palace is one of the most visited places in Leh, it is very hard to miss a place like this while Leh Ladakh sightseeing. The Scintillating views of Ladakh mountain range and town with its surroundings are a sight to behold from the palace. Stok Palace has located 15 km away from the main city of Leh but this doesn’t stop tourist to visit here and witness a number of beautiful gardens as well as a library that has around 108 volumes of the Kangyur. Shanti Stupa is one the most immensely beautiful Tibetian structures ever built, with the shape of a white dome it is dedicated to Buddhism.


The famous and sparkling blue Pangong lake is situated near Leh-Ladakh in the Himalayas.Its sparkling waters, sublime beauty and gentle Pangong lake hills are things you don’t want to miss while Leh-Ladakh sightseeing. Moriri Lake, the largest high altitude lakes in India is widely visited especially in the summertime during trip Leh-Ladakh.

Adventure Activities

River rafting can sweeten your taste of adventure, rowing through water in Leh is definitely a thrilling experience. Mountains peak are covered in snow blanket in the background will give larger than life moment while river rafting. Double-humped camels ride is very famous here that tourist absolutely loves along with the picturesque landscapes. Leh-Ladakh sightseeing while enjoying Mountain biking can provide you with the opportunity to cross world highest mountain passes as well as view breathtaking sights of the snow-capped Himalayas.

Magnetic strip

The magnetic strip is truly amazing thing defying laws of nature and gravity and is an integral part of Leh-Ladakh sightseeing. One can see car or vehicle moving on its own up the elevated road even when the engine is off. This unbelievable phenomenon fascinates many physics worshippers around the world. It also attracts a large number of travellers to come and experience this unique thing.


Leh-Ladakh sightseeing is incomplete without visiting the monasteries which are a house of Buddhism culture in Leh.Tourists get the opportunity to lay their eyes on a rare collection of Buddhist relics.Hemis, Thikse, Alche, Rangdum, Thaktok, and others are popular monasteries that one can visit here. Generally situated atop a hill or at an elevated ground, these monasteries provide you with a rich view of Buddhism which truly fascinates many archaeologists and Scholars around the world.

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