Life-Changing Adventures

Life-Changing Adventures

5 Life-Changing Adventures Everyone Must Try

Life-Changing Adventures: We have all heard phrases on” Life is short “, ” Live every moment like it’s your last “. If you have the same urge to do something before you die or you hit your 60’s, then this is your chance. Here’s five must-try adventure to give you a lifetime of thrill and memories. For further queries or details contact our website.

Catch the Northern Lights.

Ideas Scotland

It’s always been a human dream to experience the lights in the sky. Even better than a laser show. The Aurora Borealis known as the Northern Lights is seen between 65 and 72 degrees latitude, on a clear night, you can spot the colorful curtains developed by solar particles colliding with gases in the atmosphere. Here are few countries that need to be your go-to list to experience this phenomenal beauty Scandinavia, Scotland, Greenland, Finland, Iceland, Russia, Canada, and Alaska

Igloo home.

Places to Visit in New York - Life-Changing Adventures
Places to Visit in New York

If you drive six hours to the north of New York City, and you’ll reach the Canadian province of Quebec, drive further north, and you will find the tundra, what better place to crash than an igloo. Where better than igloos carved by Inuit elders. Adventurers are offered the best hospitality by the caribou stew and frozen Arctic char. When you’ve eaten enough to fall asleep to the gentle light of a seal-blubber-fueled lamp

Experience Wildlife


The legit experience of wildlife could only be in Africa with a variety of wildlife in elephants, grazing giraffes, hyenas, gazelles, etc. You can feel the Savannah from Dubuque, Poughkeepsie, or Paducah. Sub-Saharan Africa is modern with humans experiencing the flora, fauna, and landscape recognizable to ancient forebears that will instill a sense of magical wonder in you.

Hot & Cold

Vostok Station in Antarctica - Life-Changing Adventures
Vostok Station in Antarctica

Experience the hottest and coldest climates, with the hottest being 134 degrees Fahrenheit in Iran’s Lut Desert. And the coldest being 128 Fahrenheit at Vostok Station in Antarctica. This huge amount of variation is only meant for adventures of the curious minds. It circumventing the planet it could take you just two weeks of driving 70 miles per hour. Experience in the extremes of the world is a great way to see things from a different perspective. Making it a story to tell!

Catch Pacific Salmon

Catch Pacific Salmon
Catch Pacific Salmon

Situated in British Columbia Haida Gwaii Islands, Langara Island has the world’s best salmon fishing. Arriving via helicopter at your designated lodge, experience guides helping you haul up giant fish. It’s bountiful salmon and other salmon hunters like orcas, sea lions, and salmon sharks remind you of the food chain. Once you’ve reeled in your catch, dinner would be served in hours.

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