Lodi Garden Restaurant

Lodi Garden Restaurant

It has almost become natural to fret over the food or service or ambience or varieties or pricing of a restaurant. When was the last time you enjoyed a sumptuous delectable meal without fretting over any of the above-mentioned issues? It becomes next to impossible to get a desirable restaurant at hand when we are dying to dine outside. Or even if the other aspects do fulfil us, the main disappointment comes from the food itself, considering the fact that the dishes are mundane and we have nothing to expect. Not many hotels are keen on trying new recipes or experimenting with old recipes. That is where the Lodi Garden Restaurant fills our hearts with new sets of hopes. Not only the employed personnel chefs are trained cooks but restaurant authorities also keep a special eye on the culinary procedures.

Lodi Garden Restaurant2
Lodi Garden Restaurant

The garden pleasance at the backyard of the restaurant calls for a serene atmosphere which prevails in the restaurant. The fact that the customers have the provision to sit according to their convenience, that is, indoor or outdoor, the full view of the moonlight can be enjoyed on a cosy new moon night. This automatically fits into the criteria of a romantic dinner and customers have their valentine’s day well celebrated in the luxury of the restaurant. As a crop of plants is grown and nurtured in the garden, freshness is exuded in the air and a sense of peacefulness creeps into one’s mind as he enters. The lighting, the décor, the colours, the wall-hangings, the tables, the couches, the chairs and the dinner sets, all are rightly matched to complement each other and are designed by the best of the experts to get that flawless appearance and charm. This kind of perfection is hardly ever seen in other restaurants thus making this place opposite India Habitat Centre stand out from all.

Lodi Garden Restaurant1
Lodi Garden Restaurant

Lodi Garden Restaurant is known for its sublime western dishes though it is a restaurant located in the heart of Delhi. Unexpectedly, North Indian platters are not its forte and the exquisiteness of the restaurant is defined in the western platters. The cheesecake is one of the most ordered foods and a glass of wine to go with it just about completes the order. As the garden has a historical saga tracing it down to its origination, people are more disposed to spend their time in this open space accompanied by great food and drinks. Though it might be quite a pocket pinch for a meal of two, the food quality matches shoulder with the price per item. The nouvelle cuisine as seen in the pasta dishes and understated vegetarian preparations served coupled with efficient and genial waiters always at your service makes this excellent place to spend quality time with one’s family. The food fills your taste buds while the chirping of the birds fills your heart.

Lodi Garden Restaurant may have been considered a costly place by those who have visited it, but it still remains one of the most visited hotels of India.

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