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Lucknow tourism

Lucknow tourism

A Ticket to Ride-Lucknow tourism

Lucknow tourism one the biggest tourism industry in India is mostly known for its rich culture, delicious cuisine, and beauty of its traditional dance. It offers so much to its tourists to explore and get amazed by its experience. From rich historical and cultural past, lovely architectural design and handicraft, Lucknow tourism has its own name to shine in the tourism world. Along with this, literally tourists get attracted to this place due to its historical nature, Mughal era to its delicious sweets, kebabs, which is very famous among travelers. If you want to experience this wonderful place then ideal time to visit during January to March and October to December as the temperature remain pleasant at this period.


Here are the some best things provide by Lucknow tourism to explore;

Lucknow Zoo in Lucknow tourism

Lucknow zoo is located in the center of the city. This zoo is so precious and wonderful as include some the incredible species like royal and white tiger, fray wolf, Asiatic lion, Himalayan black bear, swap, deer, elephants and many more species which attracts especially animals lovers and a large number of other visitors every year. Apart from these species zoo has toy train which covers every corner of the zoo, including British-era train and state museum. Inside the building, visitors can enjoy the beauty of anthropological specimens, sculpture, amazing paintings, bronzes, and coins collection.

Chota Imambara

The extraordinary structure of Chota Imambara provides a high level of feeling to visitors, standing since 1784 will surprise every tourist. This place is kind of precious site for Muslims and it attracts millions of devotes to religious festival and programs. Architecturally, Chota Imambara is commanded to be the greatest wonder with its baroque carving and exquisite calligraphy, dominating structure of this place surpass every other structure and place in Lucknow tourism. From interiorly it decorated with amazing glass work, designed with a golden dome and its lovely imported chandeliers from Belgium is the main attraction for tourists to come and explore this place.


If you are a fun loving and want to chill during the trip, Hazratganj is the best place for you while experiencing the Lucknow tourism. It is dominant attraction located in city center always filled with crowed and travelers. For shopping lovers, the MG road Bengaluru is the best place to shop, eat and you can also enjoy by simply walk here. Additionally, the number of coffee shops and some lovely dining restaurants, the ideal time to visit here during the beginning of darkness when the whole places sparkling with beautiful lights which you should not want to miss out.


Lucknow tourism offers the most lovely place with having multiple shopping destinations at Chowk. Chowk is one the wonderful and favorite place for tourists. The place always filled with the huge crowd doing shopping and eating. This crowded place is famous for its divine Makhan malai and Rahim’s Nahari kulcha, its natural to feel hungry while reading this. Moreover, other tourists attraction such as embroidered chikan Garments, the collection of itra, and some beautiful traditional and modern ornaments. Once you visit here must do check out some stunning handcraft products such as knives, Nagra shoes, chappals, lampshades, and lovely ivory shirt pins, as these, all are a kind of unique things which you can only unfold here during your visit.

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