Makeup Kits In India

Top 10 Best Makeup Kits In India

Make-up is very essential in today’s life, and everyone wants to look pretty and gorgeous all the time; whether they are going to the office or whether they are going to meet a friend, or going out on brunch. Looking beautiful all the time is important. It is therefore important to have a small makeup kit, which you can keep in your bag and can easily use whenever you need rather than carrying all the products separately. The kits comprise the entire essential makeup things that one needs in their day-to-day life. Here is a list of the ten best makeup kit brands that are available in India.

  1. Lotus Bridal Makeup

Lotus Bridal Makeup - Makeup Kits In India

Lotus has all-natural products and is good for sensitive skin. This is one of the trusted brands and the kit comprises of various things, which are essential for the day to day life. The kit is a small pretty box and has everything important; you can always customize this box according to your need.

  1. Revlon Bridal Makeup kit

Revlon Bridal Makeup kit

This is specifically for bridal makeup and it has all the essential items that one needs in their beauty regime. It has a basic foundation, lip gloss, nail color, eyeshadows, liner, lipstick, compact, and several other things that one needs while applying makeup.

  1. Avon Makeup Kit

Avon Makeup Kit - Makeup Kits In India

This kit has everything that one needs for daily use. It comprises eyeshadows, face compact powder, red lipstick, nail colors, and other things. It is affordable and comes in nice packaging.

  1. Krylon Concealer Makeup palette
Krylon Concealer Makeup palette

This is best for those who do not really makeup on their face, but love to do a slight touch-up with concealer. This kit has three shades of concealer, which suits all skin colors and you can always mix and match the shades to make it perfect for your skin.

  1. L’Oreal Paris Makeup Kit

It comes in a plastic case, which has several partitions for everything like eye shadows, blushes, lip colors, kajal, and other things. It is an elegant sleek case that can be kept in anywhere and won’t occupy much space.

  1. MAC’s Concealer Palette

MAC’s Concealer Palette - Makeup Kits In India

This kit has six shades of concealer, which suit all skin colors and you can always mix and match the shades to match your skin.

  1. Krylon blusher Trio

This is an essential thing that you must keep in your bag. It has a total of eight shades which you can use on your cheeks and eyes and it has two brushes. The kit is a thin box that can be kept in a bag easily.

  1. Colorbar Makeup Kit

Colorbar has a small sleek makeup kit, which comprises of lip colors, compact blush, kajal, and eye shadows, and a small two-in-one brush. It is easy to carry and is one of the most amazing kits for daily purposes.

  1. Maybelline Makeup Kit

It comes in various shapes and sizes and it has everything for every customer. From its colossal kajal to the fantastic lip gloss, the kit has everything that you need on a daily basis. The kit is also a pretty little pouch, which you can carry wherever you want.

  1. Lakme Makeup beauty kit

Lakme brings its complete cosmetics pack for different purposes and events, in this way making it entirely simple and convenient for you to oversee. The most widely recognized things that are incorporated into this unit pack are skin-firming cream, common day establishment, eye shading, bruised eyeliner, metallic eye pencil, brilliance conservative, glossy silk lip shading shades, lip sparkle vanilla, genuine wear red/maroon nail hues and nail polish remover. It is a must-have kit in your dressing room.

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