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Makka Madina

Makka Madina

Makka Madina

Makka Madina

Makka Madina

A different light of tourism-Makka Madina

The utmost sacred city of Islam, Makka Madina was built in 19215 and situated in south Arabia. Place with the population of 2 Million and also known as the birthplace of Mohammad, who told people to come to this place once in order to get salvation from their sins. A large number of Muslim, as well as many visitors, come here to unfold the purity of this destination. The twelfth Lunar month of Dhu al-Hijjah is the ideal time when most of the Muslim devotes and travellers visit here. The huge mosque built with stones in rectangular Qaa is made up of granite stone; the height of 40 feet long is the jaw-dropping structure. It is believed that this place is the most sacred site for Muslims where a large number of tourists also visit to explore the uniqueness of this place.

Some other sites to visit near Makka Madina;

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi

Masjid Nabawi is one of the holiest and second mosques built in the history of Islam. It was built by Prophet Muhammad right next to his house and also contain his tomb. The stunning and uniqueness of the construction of this place attracts so many visitors to experience its beauty. This is an open-air structure that includes the house of worship, court, and school and it also has a vast marble courtyard and enclosing white walls offers a wonderful sight for visitors.

Quba Mosque

Quba Mosque is located in Madina is the oldest Mosque in the history of the world that you don’t want to miss during the trip to Makkah Madina. Mainly all the attraction points here are related to the faith, and mostly visited by Muslims and devotes. For architecture lover this place is going to be interested, the spectacular design of the architecture of this mosque follows the tradition of Madina which characterized with simplicity but provide a holy edifice to viewers.

Madain Saleh Tombs

The ideal destination of Saudi Arabia is Madai Saleh. This is an ancient archaeological site in Makka Madina. The 131 big tombs are found here, when you visit here a stunning view of the golden hill, it is one of the spectacular scenes in the Arabian Peninsula. Mostly tourists here unfold the buried tombs here started with Al sane tomb, Al kheremat with the tweety shrines then followed by Qasr Al Sani tomb which indicates the key element of Nabataea grave style and the next  Al Jaballthlib, Qasr Al Bint, and Al Qasr Al Fareed tomb.

Masjid Al-Qiblatain

On the way to your trip to Makka Madina, you will find the Masjid Qivlatain, it is Mosque of the two Qiblas and historically very precious place for Islam and Muslims. The white constructed body of Masjid provides an amazing experience to viewers. The internal part is also made up of white marble with the lovely architect on it. It attracts many visitors during the year to experience its beauty.

Accommodation of Makka Madina

If you are planning a trip to Makka Madina, you can visit at any time during the whole year. Moreover, International visitors can catch this place by flights; airport service is also available for 24 hours. Along with this, many hotels and rented places are available to stay, from luxury to affordable to provide you with a better stay at this destination.

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