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Malankara dam- Thodupuzhu tourism

Malankara dam- Thodupuzhu tourism

Malankara dam- Thodupuzhu tourism

Malankara dam- Thodupuzhu tourism

Malankara dam- Thodupuzhu tourism

Malankara dam- Thodupuzhu tourism

Malankara dam- Thodupuzhu tourism

Malankara dam, an artificial lake in Kerala is a small but attractive dam for tourists who want to spend their weekends with their family in a peaceful region. It is calm and quite area and tourists if ever come across Thodupuza, never go without visiting the dam. The place is blessed with natural beauty and it is a fantastic place to spend quality moments with family and friends. It is dam built across the Thodupuzha River and its basic purpose is irrigation. The project is taken control by the Muvattupuzha Valley irrigation Project and Kerala state electricity board. The dam stretches over an area of eleven kilometres.

Malankara tourism

Other than the irrigation purpose the dam also serves as a tourist spot. This artificial lake stands on the state highway 33 upon the Thodapuzha to Moolamattom road. The spot is available for the travellers all the year round and is a perfect place for boating. People also find pleasure in fishing at the lake as the lake inhibits various species of fishes. A beautiful park is getting constructed near the water reservoir to make the region an ideal tourist spot suitable for picnics and time pass. You can also enjoy the magnificent view of the artificial lake. Nature photography, walking along the lake side is other activities you can do other than boating and fishing. The place is also ideal for filming due to lesser crowds as compared to other travelling zones.

How to get Malankara dam

The nearby airport is Cochin International Airport which is about 59 kilometres away from the spot and the nearby railway station is Kottayam station located at a distance of 52 kilometres from there. After getting down from train or flight, cabs are available to the spot. There are parking regions for own private vehicles.  Buses and autos are also available from Thodupuzhu.

Best time to visit

The place could be best explored in winter season and other than this evening and morning is the suitable time of the day when you can visit as days are very hot in summer season.

Where to stay

There are many nearby hotels in Thodupuzhu for a suitable stay from low to high budget hotels. Among the most visited hotels are hotel pearl royal, Kgees Noah Premium Residency, Nutneg County, Vettoms Lakeview Resort and Amrithan Gramin hotel. You need to book hotels prior to your visit or else can stay after getting there.

Nearby places to visit in Malankara dam

There is a waterfall at a distance of 27 kms from the Malankara dam, Thommankuthu which is a nice place to visit on the way to return. There is also a place ideal for trekking located 6 kms upstream, Elaveezha Poonchira which is a nice place for picnickers. Also a majestic picturesque hillock stands near the dam site at a distance of 6 kms. So when you are at Malankara dam, you can also explore the nearby spots if you have enough time. Keep your children safe with you while you are there.

Some useful information

The dam is under modification and soon the place will be made one of the best places to visit in Kerala. With an adjacent island near to the dam covering an area of 15 acres along with a garden, the beautification has been doubled. Facilities are there to watch the beauty of the dam from the top of the irrigation house. The dam now houses a small electricity power house that can be visited with the prior permission of the department. The dam has been constructed in the model of Malampuzha dam with a combination of hydel mechanism and natural beautification. The island developed near the dam is meant to protect many species of plants followed by planting rare flowering plants as well as saplings. Hydel tourism has been planned for the place but recently there is security issue and presently the plan is on hold. Photography is prohibited inside the dam and sometimes the entry way stays closed. If this happens then there is a place away from the main gate from where you can view the beauty of the dam. Nearby places are always open to visitors. It is better to collect information about the dam before you plan a visit.

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