Mangalore Karnataka

Mangalore Karnataka

Mangalore is a city located in the state of Karnataka, in southwestern India. It is situated on the Malabar Coast and is the chief port city of the state. Mangalore is also known as “Mangaluru” in the local language of Kannada.

The city has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its beautiful beaches, historic temples and churches, and delicious cuisine. Some of the popular tourist attractions in Mangalore include the Kadri Manjunath Temple, St. Aloysius Chapel, Panambur Beach, Tannirbhavi Beach, and the Mangaladevi Temple.

Mangalore is also an important center for education, healthcare, and industry in Karnataka. It is home to several renowned institutions like the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Nitte University, and Kasturba Medical College. The city is known for its thriving seafood industry, which exports a variety of fish and seafood to different parts of the world.

Overall, Mangalore is a vibrant and diverse city that attracts visitors from all over the world for its scenic beauty, rich history, and cultural significance.

Touring Seasons: Winter is the finest time to visit this Mangalore.


Mangalore is 1 in the major cities of Karnataka, situated near the coasts of the Arabian Sea. Mangalore in Karnataka is mentioned to have derived its name from your famous Mangaladevi Temple. Mangalore is a person in the essential centers of exporting coffee and cashew nut. It is a hilly metropolis with winding disoriented streets positioned some 357 km away from the place Bangalore.


Airlines: Mangalore town is available by nearly all the transportation methods. The airport is 20 km from your city center. One can take the locally offered street transport medium to achieve the airport to catch a flight.

Rail Lines: The Mangalore train sta is on the southern fringe from the metropolis center. Nonetheless, some of the trains cease in the Kankanadi STA located 5 km east with the Mangalore major place.

Bus Traces: The condition transport program is well maintained inside the city, which connects it with the nearby places of importance. Numbers of auto-rickshaws are also obtainable inside the most important metropolis place.

Lodging at Mangalore

Mangalore offers a wide range of lodging options to suit different preferences and budgets. Here are some of the popular options:

  1. Hotels: There are several hotels in Mangalore that offer comfortable and convenient accommodation for travelers. Some of the popular options include Hotel Deepa Comforts, The Ocean Pearl, Ginger Mangalore, and Hotel Moti Mahal.
  2. Resorts: If you’re looking for a more luxurious stay, you can consider booking a resort in Mangalore. Some of the popular resorts in the area include the Summer Sands Beach Resort, The Gateway Hotel Old Port Road, and the Goldfinch Mangalore.
  3. Homestays: For a more authentic and local experience, you can consider booking a homestay in Mangalore. This option allows you to stay with a local family and experience the local culture and cuisine. Some popular homestays in the area include the Dwarak Heritage Homestay and the Ocean Retreat Homestay.
  4. Hostels: For budget-conscious travelers, hostels are a great option. Some of the popular hostels in Mangalore include Zostel Mangalore, The Hive Hostel, and The Lost Hostel.

Overall, there are plenty of lodging options available in Mangalore to suit different preferences and budgets. It’s recommended to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure availability and good rates.

Charming Spots near Mangalore

Mangla Devi Temple

Mangla Devi Temple - Mangalore Karnataka
Mangla Devi Temple

This can be a leading vacationers pilgrimage positioned inside the city of Mangalore in Karnataka. Mangalore is said to possess derived its title through the title of this temple. This temple, also a tourist spot, is located three km far from the most important urban center place. This temple was built by the Ballal loved ones of Attavar in memory of a princess of Kerala.

Sultan Battery

Sultan Battery
Sultan Battery

Sultan Battery is positioned in Boloor 4 km far from Mangalore City. It was constructed in black stones by Tipu Sultan to stop warships to enter the Gurupur River. Right now, the remnants from the fort are referred to as ‘Tipu’s Well’. However, a deserted place, it presents some bafflingly beautiful construction kinds.

Kadri Temple

Kadri Temple - Mangalore Karnataka
Kadri Temple

Kadri is another age-aged historic place situated in Mangalore. The Kadri Temple dating back again to about 1068 A.D. with its Manglorenine tanks, a square temple, nestles in the foot of the highest hill. This place attracts hundreds of visitors annually to Mangalore. The Lokeshwara bronze statue of the Kadri Manjunatha Temple is tipped to become the very best bronze statue in India. On top rated with the hl, King Kundavarma Bhupendra designed a mutt, which came to be named ‘Jogimutt’. There are some stone caves on best of the hill, that is referred to as the caves from the Pandavas.

St. Aloysius Church

St. Aloysius Church
St. Aloysius Church

Built from the yr 1899-1900 Advert, St. Aloysius Church is positioned at a distance of 1 km through the city’s major heart. The walls in the church are covered with the work with the artist Antony Moshaini of Italy. St. Aloysius University Chapel, an architectural magnificence is situated on lighthouse hl. The special attraction with the chapel may be the wonderful sequence of paintings that virtually wraps each and every inch of the interior roof and partitions.

Shri Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple

Shri Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple
Shri Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple

Shri Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple of Mangalore is known as a pilgrimage center. The temple and boasts of several sacred temples like Sharavu, Kadri, Mangaladevi, and Kudroli, etc. Out of these Sri Sharavu Sharabeshwara – Sri Mahaganapathi Kshetra is an exemplary, pious middle of great outstanding historical past of 800 many years.

Things to do Mangalore

Mangalore offers a wide range of things to do and places to explore for visitors. Here are some of the popular things to do in Mangalore:

  1. Visit the Beaches: Mangalore has several beautiful beaches, including Tannirbhavi Beach, Panambur Beach, and Surathkal Beach. You can spend a relaxing day at the beach, take a dip in the ocean, and enjoy some delicious seafood at the beach shacks.
  2. Explore the Temples: Mangalore is home to several historic temples, including the Kudroli Gokarnath Temple, Kadri Manjunath Temple, and Mangaladevi Temple. These temples are known for their architecture, history, and religious significance.
  3. Visit the Churches: Mangalore also has several beautiful churches, including the St. Aloysius Chapel, Rosario Cathedral, and Milagres Church. These churches are known for their intricate architecture, stained glass windows, and religious significance.
  4. Try the Local Cuisine: Mangalore is known for its delicious cuisine, which includes a variety of seafood, vegetarian dishes, and sweets. Some of the popular dishes to try include the Mangalorean fish curry, neer dosa, goli baje, and rasam.
  5. Take a Nature Walk: The city has several parks and gardens, including the Pilikula Nisargadhama, which is a nature park that features a zoo, botanical garden, and boating facilities. You can take a leisurely walk, enjoy the scenery, and spot some local wildlife.
  6. Shop for Souvenirs: Mangalore has several local markets, including the Central Market and Hampankatta Market, where you can shop for souvenirs, spices, and traditional clothing. You can also visit the City Centre Mall, which has several international and local brands.
  7. Attend a Festival: Mangalore celebrates several festivals throughout the year, including the Mangaluru Dasara, Kambala, and Yakshagana. These festivals are known for their music, dance, and cultural significance.

Overall, Mangalore offers a range of activities and attractions to suit different preferences and interests. It’s recommended to plan your itinerary in advance and explore the city at a leisurely pace to fully experience all that it has to offer.

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