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Mapusa Friday Market

Mapusa Friday Market

Mapusa Friday Market

Mapusa Friday Market

Mapusa Friday Market Goa

Mapusa Friday Market

Mapusa Friday Market in North Goa

One of the best places for marketing traditional and local products is the Mapusa Friday Market in Goa. Well you may be thinking that how can be a market be included in tourists list. Then it is to say that travelling does not only mean exploring exotic places but marketing and buying local productions of the place you are visiting are also part of your travel. To make the travel memorable most of the travelers buy some souvenir for them or their loved ones. So whenever you are in Goa you should make a visit to this market which is available only on Friday every week.

Weekly market

Every week on Friday, the local and neighboring vendors from Bardez and Tirwadi sell their products in this special market which is visited by foreigners and Indians as well. Small entrepreneurs and farmers from Goa make an income from this market by selling their products to their customers. The products are fresh as well as inexpensive.

Reaching there 

The market is in Bicholim very near to the bus stand of Mapusa. This bus stand is well linked with neighboring states and rest of Goa as well. And you would not feel any hassle to carry your bought materials home as the local taxi and auto stand is situated in close proximity.

Trading in Mapusa Market

You can feel the real essence of the small state in this market. It is a mixture of colorful products and noise of the customers and vendors exchanging materials. Items are sold by Goa vendors who all come from the surrounding villages for selling different kind of items grown or manufactured by them. Types of materials found in the market are as follows:

  • All kinds of species
  • Organically produced fresh fruits
  • Traditionally carved potteries
  • Modern and ethnic jewelries
  • Abundance of carpets
  • Specialized Goan homemade materials, straw hats and many more creative things.
  • Among food, Goan chourico strings and pork sausage are famous here.
  • Chicken, vegetables, clothes are sold in huge amount
  • Quality and fresh seafood are on huge demand.
  • Additionally, we can get shoes, furniture, bed sheets and a few antiques.


The town of Mapusa is situated in North Goa. The distance of this town from Panaji, the capital of Goa is just 13 km. the town of Mapusa can be reached by National Highway 17 which connects Mumbai and Kochi.

Places to visit in Mapusa Friday Market

Whenever you plan to visit the Mapusa Market, you may visit the nearby tourists’ spot that can be completed in one day.

  • Altinho- it is a small hillock composed of few modern buildings of colonial era built on the slopes.
  • Shree Dev Bodgeshwqar- this temple stands somewhere in between rice fields and attracts devotees from all over Goa for the annual jatra it celebrates. The temple houses the famous shrine of Shree Dev Bodgeshwar.
  • Church of Our Lady of Miracles- this church is well known for the festivals it celebrates every year. The festival is celebrated on the 16th day of Easter. Since the church is built within the site of a Hindu temple, the place is preferred by Hindu community too. The annual festival is a great thing to see as it is celebrated by both Hindus and Christian community.
  • Maruti temple-In 1840s, after the Portuguese destroyed Hindu temple, devotees arranged for a picture of Lord Hanuman and kept it at the fireworks’ shop. They used to worship the Lord secretly. In 1843, a silver idol was replaced here and the number of devotees started increasing. Gradually the marketing committee built a temple with gathered funds.

Mapusa is a place for commercial activity and the market became popular with the increase in numbers of tourists every year to buy Goan collections. Several souvenirs are there on sell that are frequently picked by Indian as well as foreign travelers. Overall, the Mapusa Friday Market is a perfect platform if you are in search of local Goan stuffs. The market winds up before the sun sets. It is a new place to hang out and the best one to market in Northern Goa.

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