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Mararikulam beach

Mararikulam beach

Mararikulam beach

Mararikulam beach

Mararikulam beach

Mararikulam beach- hammock beach in Kerala

The Mamari beach is the one and only hummock beach in Kerala in Mararikulam which is situated in the district of Alappuzha. It is an ideal location for spending holidays with friends. Golden sands and coconut palms are the main ornaments of the beach. Mararikulam is a nearby village on the coast of Arabian Sea from where the name Marari has aroused. After visiting the backwaters if you feel like spending some time in the beach then it is just the right place. The beach is not so much developed and therefore remains less crowded most of the time. But at the weekend the native people are seen accumulating there to spend their leisure along the shore on the hammocks watching the waves rolling towards the shore and again reverts back away. On the weekends there is remote and lonely shoreline away from the main part of the Mararikulam beach.

How to reach

To reach Marari Beach Kochi is the nearest airport and from there hire a taxi or a car to reach the beach. The nearest railway stations are Kottayam which is at a distance of 42 kms, Ernakulam which is 55 kms away from the beach and Alleppey which is just 16 kms from the spot. If roadway is preferred then NH 47 is at a distance of approximately 1 km from the village of Marari. Auto rickshaws are also available from the rail stations.

Where to stay on Mararikulam beach

The most luxurious beach is the Marari Beach resort which is adored by most of the tourists. The resort comes to life with the vibration of the fishing villages nearby. Another plus point of the resort is the yoga classes and Ayurveda treatments that provide rejuvenation feel to the visitors. The four cottages of the beach is the gemstone of the place. Other home stays where you can have wonderful experience are Marari Dreamz and Marari Villas.

When to go

The place experiences a humid and warm weather all through the year. The northeast and south west monsoon is responsible to rain heavily now and then and it gets worse in the months of June and July. The time from mid October to December is also rainy months. The summer months are very hot with temperature to 36 degree Celsius. So overall the best time to visit there is from mid December to March or may be extended to April and May.

Places of interest around Mararikulam Beach

The beach is serene beach with calm region and you should not expect much beach shacks or water sports like that of Goa. Beach umbrellas and chairs are possible to rent. The Marariculam beach is an ideal location for a long beach stroll. Along with that you can view picturesque sunsets and colourful fishing boats. There are some sightseeing spots around the beach where you can have a visit. You can also get knowledge of the traditional coir making if you manage to visit such units around. Here are some local visiting spots.

  • The first place that is visited by the tourists is the Mararikulam Shiva temple which is an example of unmatched architecture grandeur. The idols that are worshipped there are Goddess Parbati and Lord Shiva.
  • Thumpolly Beach is another local beach which is beautified by the natural habitat of birds.
  • Thomas Church and pilgrim centre s one of the famous pilgrimage centre that is dedicated to holy Mother Virgin Mary. It was built by St. Thomas in the state.
  • Chinese fishing net is a major attraction due to its wonderful and excellent appearance.
  • Arthunkal is a pilgrim centre which stands at a distance of 8 km with a view of a beautiful beach toward the south western part of Cherthala town.

Above all these there is something to stay alert of. The local people defecate along the beach early in the morning at the time of sunrise. As the excrement is washed away by the sea tide, the water is likely to get polluted with high bacterial content. The appearance of the beach may be clean but the water is deceptive. Swimming should also be avoided due to the rough big waves.

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