Markets in South America

Markets in South America

If you think backpacking South America is just for exploration of its natural wonders and scenic views, you’re absolutely wrong! Don’t you know that the continent offers more than that? The countries in South America are moving fast forward to prosperity and most of which are credited not just to the increase of the South American tourist visiting the famous sites and landmarks but also to the development of commerce on the continent.

Each market is distinct from the other, where you can find unique creations made by the locals. The colorful displays of different products, crafts, goods, vegetables, and fruits along with the amazing strategies of the vendors to attract customers will fascinate you. Choosing where to go first might be a headache because there are many markets in the continent you can visit. To check out some of the best in the continent, secure your flights, check out the hotel reviews on Holidaycheck, and bring your cash! Here are the top 5 markets in South America.

#1 Otavalo Market

Otavalo Market - Markets in South America

When you go to Ecuador, never miss the chance to visit and shop at Otavalo’s market. It’s considered the most famous market in South America where you can find a variety of products to buy. They have displays of handicrafts like carved furniture, woven bags, textiles, food, and clothing you can choose from. Though it’s open every day, going there on Saturday will be more fun because hundreds of vendors are gathered in the market to sell their fabulous arts and crafts.

#2 Witch’s Market

Witch’s Market

What’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear the word witch? Probably potions, right? Indeed these are products of the so-called Witch’s Market in La Paz. The name of the market is very intriguing and attracts tourists from all over to explore and find out what this market has to offer. Apart from the potions are the herbs and unusual products that are believed to provide good harvest and wealth. The trademark product of the Witch’s Market is the dried llama fetuses that claim to give good luck to the bearer. If you want to know what your future will be, look for the yatiri or witch doctors that offer fortune-telling.

#3 Feria de San Pedro Telmo

Feria de San Pedro Telmo - Markets in South America

If you want to truly enjoy your weekend, stroll around Feria de San Pedro Telmo market where you can find not just goods and crafts but also check out local musicians playing live in the streets along with the dynamic and enthusiastic people of Buenos Aires. Browsing through antiques is the common reason why the South American tourist visits Feria de San Pedro Telmo along with its arts and crafts made by the locals. Another attraction is the tango dancers gathered around the street dancing gracefully.

#4 Praça Liberdade Market

Praça Liberdade Market

The Japanese are a big part of the diverse culture of São Paulo, and in Praça Liberdade Market, a touch of Japanese arts and crafts is found. During weekends, you can see various displays like bonsai trees, ceramics, clothing, paintings, and a lot more. When you travel to Brazil, you can even enjoy the tasty Asian food served at Praça Liberdade Market.

#5 Pisac Market

Pisac Market - Markets in South America

Hundreds of tourists mill around Pisac Market in Cusco, Peru every Sunday in the central square to buy the products of the locals from different remote areas of Pisac. Even in present times, some of the villagers from uphill gather in the market to barter their goods to other sellers. You can witness this practice which has been a part of their tradition as you go along the market of Pisac. You can purchase anything you want here where the price is cheaper, like the Andean textiles and other handicrafts.

Bargain for the goods you want to buy and remember that being friendly goes a long way. Try doing it at the end of the day and you will have a greater chance of securing a deal because most vendors are hoping to sell their products before the sunsets. Since all markets are filled with people from all walks of life, you should be careful with your belongings and keep them safe.

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