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Maui Travel Guide

Maui Travel Guide

Maui Travel Guide

Maui Travel Guide

5 Things to do Maui – Maui Travel Guide

Maui Travel Guide: I’ve made no secret of the fact that there are a gazillion different places I want to go in the USA next year. The country is so incredibly diverse, and if I had the time – and money – I’d love nothing more than to visit every single state.

Gil Dong and I have settled on the places we’re going, and flights have been booked. Among the places, I have the heaviest heart about not visiting is Hawaii. Tropical islands with sun, sand, sea, and sexy, sexy men. With that in mind, this week’s post is brought to you by Leslie To, who shares her top tips on what to do in the most famous of Hawaii’s islands, Maui.

Maui, or The Valley Isle as it is commonly referred, is the 2nd largest of the Hawaiian islands, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it is second-best in the activities department. With the warm waters of the Pacific washing up onto flawless beaches that are overlooked by marvelous peaks and jungles, you’re sure to experience with wanderlust when you set foot upon the island. Complementing the natural beauty is a proud and unique Hawaiian culture that permeates throughout every little village and city, leaving you with even more to explore. When you’re ready to step outside of your Maui Beach Hotel room, here are 5 ideas for where to steer yourself!

Hike Haleakala State Park


Hike Haleakala State Park

Making up 75% of the island, getting to this volcano and surrounding park isn’t much of a challenge. You can make your way to the peak and look inside of the tremendous crater that stretches as far as the eye can see. If you can rouse yourself in the morning, locals swear by the view as the perfect place to see a sunrise. Otherwise, find yourself one of the many trails within the park and get a nice tropical sweat going.

Relax The Day Away On Makena Beach

With the lush greens of the forest behind you and the crystal clear water ahead, it will be difficult to decide where to focus your attention when visiting Makena Beach. The surf is gentle enough for families to take their children, and the sand makes for ideal sunbathing ground. If Makena Beach State Park is not within reach, ask some of the locals where their favorite beaches are–you’ll be able to throw a rock and hit a lovely beach from wherever you’re standing on Maui.

Snorkel Turtle Town


Snorkel Turtle Town - Maui Travel Guide

Whether you were a fan before Finding Nemo or have since hopped aboard the bandwagon, seeing sea turtles in the wild is truly a thrill. Strapping on a snorkel and visiting Turtle Town, which is on the southern coast of the island near Nahuna Point, is a great idea for anyone hoping to witness these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

Whet Your Whistle at Maui Brewing Company


Maui Brewing Company

Spending all that time in the sun will leave you searching for a tasty, cold drink and a nice meal, both of which can be found with a unique Aloha twist at Maui Brewing Company. With their beers that draw their flavors from local fruits such as pineapple and coconut, even the most devoted craft beer fan may find something new to try. If you have the time, take the brewery tour and enjoy the pint of suds that comes with it at the end!

Zip-On With Maui Zipline Company


Maui Zipline Company - Maui Travel Guide

For those traveling with family, an afternoon at the Maui Zipline Company will leave everyone with a smile on their face. You’ll float over a tropical plantation with beautiful views of Haleakala!


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