Mitchell Multilevel Falls

Mitchell Multilevel Falls  – A close to nature experience

Mitchell Multilevel Falls: Mitchell River National Park is a very significant destination of entire Western Australia. The two main features of the park are the Mitchell Falls and the Surveyors Pool. The Park has innumerable types of mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles. Mitchell Falls is a beautiful waterfall with four tiers of 25 feet in the whole that personifies the beauty and rugged nature of the remote region of Kimberley of Western Australia. After walking across the river above the falls, you will be greeted with the enchanting sight of four majestic waterfalls pouring down to huge pools. The place offers a relaxing harmony of the oasis nestled in the rugged rocks under the clear sky. The place feels private as not many people can reach there. A visit to this place can prove to be a lifelong experience.

It is a part of Mitchell River National Park and is probably one of the park’s main attractions. The walk can take up to 2 hours. The way is well posted with signs. Torrential rains make rivers run wild eroding riverbeds. The water passes through stupendous cataracts and deep gorges forming heavy and multi-layered waterfalls. The flow diminishes in the dry season. A helicopter flight allows you to capture the extreme ruggedness of the plateau and is the only way to view the multiple waterholes and the beauty of the surrounding areas. You can also visit Mitchell Multilevel by driving from Gibb River Road. The vegetation changes from season to season from dry scrub to lush and almost tropical rainforest at wet months of the year.  The Livistona Palms dominate the landscape.

As you walk the train, you will first reach Little Mertens Falls, where a wide 10m waterfall pours down to an incredible scenic pool of water. There are also interesting native art forms and you can also walk behind the falls. As you proceed towards the end of the trail, you will come across Big Mertens Falls, a sheer 60m deep. Be careful of the slippery rocks as many accidents happened before. Finally, you will reach the incredible stunning sight of Mitchel Multilevel Falls.

If you want to avail of the helicopter, reach the campground. The helicopter base is close to the campground. The flights operations are carried out by Slinger. Apart from visiting the Mitchell Falls by helicopter flight, you can also go for an extended flight trip over Mitchell Plateau and Admiralty Gulf. There are camping and accommodation facilities available at the sight of Mitchell Falls. It is a very popular destination and remains quite crowded during the peak season months. There is also Mitchell Falls Wilderness Lodge which ensures better facilities for accommodation. A trip to this place will be a delightful experience. It is considered to be one of the most photography attractions of Kimberley.

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