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Most Cheapest Cities to Visit

Most Cheapest Cities to Visit

Most Cheapest Cities to Visit

Most Cheapest Cities to Visit

Most Cheapest Cities to Visit

Most Cheapest Cities to Visit

5 Most Cheapest Cities to Visit

Most Cheapest Cities: There is hardly any soul on this planet that will not want to explore the new destinations. But when we plan our travel to these foreign wonderlands, the main concern that most of us face is of not having pockets deep enough to explore the new lands. How about wearing a different thinking hat? When we choose a place that handles our pockets well, then why complain? The only thing we need to do is check our passport validity, apply for visas, educate ourselves a bit on the dos and don’ts of the cultural forces governing that foreign country, and then start packing our bags. Asia has been leading on this list of economical destinations due to the huge difference between the dollar or euro and their local currencies. And then there are some more that have joined the list. Let’s take a look at the cheapest cities to visit for your next upcoming vacation.

  1. Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara - Most Cheapest Cities

Pokhara – you’re so close to nature here as also to the luxuries of modern life. It tops the list of every trekker for its beautiful and adventurous spots. April-May & Oct-November being peak season, hotels might get pricey. Still, you can bet 25$-a-day is a great deal with fairly decent eating options: local cuisines (dal-bhat or Tibetan Momo for around 2$) or an expensive Pasta or Pizza at around 4$. Explore Sarangkot and Annapurna circuit – treat your visual senses with the spread of Himalayas or paraglide. Trekkers can find their gear at great competitive prices. Again, beer at around 2-3$ is not a bad deal at all.

  1. Hanoi, Vietnam


Attractions in this traditional capital cost very less compared to Western standards. An organized bus tour can be easily done on a shoestring budget. Its top spots are Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum (free) and Water Puppet Theater ($3-5 a ticket) and Hoa Lo Prison at just $1 per person. On accommodation, upmarket hotels are in southern and western suburbs with free Wi-Fi at least in the lobby. Local food is dirt cheap by most standards, full meals here usually cost between $2-3 and add just another $1 for a cold beer. Other alcohol gets more expensive, yet cheap when compared to most other places.

  1. Goa, India

Goa tourist places

This beautiful state of Western India, adorned by beaches and churches attracts hordes of travelers from the world over, especially in November-March. Portuguese is one of its official languages, so as a foreigner, you still feel connected. Go into the by lanes of the Goan villages and you come across the 400-year-old beautifully carved and maintained Hindu temples. Motorbike rentals are a hit among visitors (just $2-5 a day). Enjoy the local Feni at around $4 or beer at around $2.

  1. Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv - Most Cheapest Cities

Travel freaks come here to explore the city that is not yet on the world traveler’s list. While English speakers here are rare, you can still manage with good English speaking guides to take you through the town. Stay in Kyiv is really economical (around $15 in a reasonably good hotel). Cafeterias and fast food joints are easy to find for just around $3 a meal which is quite affordable. Beer in bars isn’t that cheap in Kyiv, but street vendors offer you a beer for just around $2 a bottle if you dare. Kievo-Pecherska Lavra ($0.69 per adult) and Chernobyl Museum ($0.46 per adult) are its top attractions.

  1. La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz - Most Cheapest Cities
La Paz

This ultimate cheap destination to travel in South America is unique due to its almost constant weather the year around. So, explore it in non-school vacation times. Its main attractions are Museum San Francisco ($2.89), Coca Museum ($1.45), and Museum of Contemporary Art ($2.17). Local beers in non-fancy bars and restaurants are very cheap at around $2 for .33l bottle. Food and drinks are available in all price ranges, try authentic local dishes; they are affordable (around $5) and filling. A 4-star hotel could cost you just about $150. Just ensure you get the best flight deals to not blow up your budget in the air.

Lastly, just thinking of only food and accommodation alone won’t help you come up with an easy-on-pockets travel plan. If your flight tickets eat up a considerable chunk of your budget, you may have to wait for promotional offers that really mean that these cities turn out to be actually cheap.


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