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Most Romantic Town in Northern England

Most Romantic Town in Northern England

Most Romantic Town in Northern England

If you are up for a tour in England, you will not come back disheartened. The rich culture and sophisticated lifestyle of the English people will definitely win your heart. The busy city life of London, Birmingham, and Cambridge will not obstruct your tour. The tall heritage buildings and museums from centuries ago are worth visiting. Most importantly how can you miss capturing a photograph of the Queen’s abode, The Buckingham Palace?  The royal heritage of England, which has witnessed the reign several Kings and Queens. Keeping aside the man-made architectures, England has abundance of natural beauty. The cities in Northern England such as Liverpool, Manchester, York, Leads, Chester speaks of both heritage and natural abundance. These cities are beautiful as well as romantic in a sense that you can spend quality time with your special one, wondering through the woods or having a coffee or viewing the sunset. Each city has its own essence and cannot be differentiated from the other. Yet to me personally, I find the town of Yarm to be beautiful, enchanting and most importantly romantic of all.


Yarm is a small town situated in North Yorkshire, England. It is located at the banks of the river Tees and has a bridge which connects Stockton with the town.  Coordinating at 54.505°N 1.348°W, the town usually gets unnoticed by travellers due to its interior location.

Things to Do Most Romantic Town

The riverside path is named after the inhabitants of the nearby Mary Magdalene Church. It is said that a couple lived inside the church and they sacrificed their life for each other like true lovers. Therefore the path is called “True Lover’s walk”. You can stroll down the path along the river, enjoying the scenic beauty, with your loved ones. It is the best place to shop from. The products have got variety as well as elegance. Starting from handlooms to boutiques to designer clothes, Yarm will spoil you with choices. They are mostly pocket friendly. Shopping centre named ‘The House’ will serve you will extraordinary designer clothes. You would surely wish to check out some beautiful waterfalls in the North York Moors National Park. All you can do is rent a car and go for a long drive. You can explore some beautiful villages nearby. There are a range of restaurants serving exotic English food. Eateries like Chai Wallah and Lucia’s Italian Kitchen will serve you with Indian and Italian cuisines respectively. If you want to enjoy night life, do visit The Black Bull pub. You can grab some drinks and enjoy the night listening to Jazz or blues.

Events on Most Romantic Town

There are fun events which takes place in the city. The farmer’s Market takes place every second Sunday of each month. A Gala Fair along with a 5 km marathon takes place every year. The fair is held in High street in the third week of October and lasts till Saturday night. The 5 km run starts from Conyers School and ends in Snaith’s Field.

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