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Mother House Kolkata

Mother House Kolkata

Mother House Kolkata

Mother House Kolkata

Mother House Kolkata

Mother House Kolkata

Mother House Kolkata- the missionaries of Charity

The mother house in Kolkata is said to be pilgrimage where lots of visitors visit everyday due to its peaceful nature offering a meaningful existence to see. It was established by Mother Teresa in the year 1950 and since then the house is maintaining discipline and rules started by mother Teresa. Many sisters and nuns offer selfless service for the upliftment of mankind and humanity. The Mother House Kolkata would make you fell soulful and contented even in midst of crowd. It reflects the true nature of kind hearts and the positive vibration fills the mind with peace. In the year 1997 mother Teresa died and was buried in this tomb on 13th September. Other than a sacred place this place is also a suitable one to do peaceful meditation.

History of Mother House Kolkata

The charity or the mother’s house was founded in the year 1950 on 7th October with a mission to serve the poor and helpless and give them selfless service. It was specially made for the handicapped child, parentless child, the naked, and the homeless, hungry people and for all those who need love and care and those who feel a burden to the society. Initially this house was started with 12 members and gradually it came to be known as missionaries of charity. . A decree was passed in the year 1965 by Pope Paul VI that was requested by Mother and since then many centres were established in other countries such as Venezuela, Tanzania and Rome and in many other 100 countries. Now it is spread over the world and there are millions of co workers and the charities go well with donations from worldwide. There are 45oo members of the missionaries’ charity in more than 133 countries.


There is a small museum which is attached to the mother’s tomb and it preserves many things that were used by mother Teresa when she was alive. The name of the museum is ‘mother Teresa’s life, Sprit and message’. It displays her sari, crucifix, dinner bowl, worn sandals, spiritual exhortations and some handwritten letters. Above her camp bed there is crown made of thorns that symbolises Lord Jesus Christ.

Location and When to go

The visiting hours are from 8 to 12 in the morning and from 3pm to 6pm in the afternoon. You can visit on any day of the week except Thursday. Special occasions are celebrated on the mothers’ birthday so you may have a visit on that day. It stands on the Ripon Street on AJC Bose road in Kolkata. The nearest landmark is Sealdah Loreto convent.

How to go and where to stay

Taxis are available directly to the house from Netaji Subhas Chandra International airport and the fare is Rs 200-250 approx. Or else you can board Buses that go to Maniktala and Park circus and then from there take a taxi to reach the mother house. If you go from Sealdah station then bus 45/B would take you there. Taxis are also available in reasonable rates. There are also some nearby attractions such as Bamboo villa and St. James Church situated opposite the house. The nearest home stay is Baptist Mission Society just a bit far way fro there.

Some tips to know before you visit Mother House Kolkata

  • You should maintain silence in the premise.
  • Keep in mind that the Mother House Kolkata is a residence of the sisters of the missionary.
  • Cell phones should be switched off or in silence mode
  • Strict silence should be maintained during any service at the tomb
  • You should take care of your belongings.
  • No need to keep away your footwear as you do in any other sacred place,
  • For any other queries you need to contact the sisters at the entrance gate.

There are options for prayer petitions which you can place inside the box of Mother’s tomb. All those petitions are offered on alter on every Friday weekly mass. Appropriate attire should be maintained when you plan to visit there. Photography is prohibitive inside the houses for private purpose. In the chapel of first floor mass is held for the volunteers at 6 am in every morning.

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