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Mount Abu Rajasthan

Mount Abu Rajasthan

Mount Abu Rajasthan

Mount Abu Rajasthan

Mount Abu Rajasthan

Mount Abu Rajasthan

8 Reasons Why People Love to Travel Mount Abu Rajasthan

What are the reasons Mount Abu becomes more interesting during Monsoons?

Well, it’s a great idea to visit Mount Abu during monsoons. The scenic beauty becomes more alive and the weather becomes more pleasant. The mesmerizing views of the mountains, lakes, and waterfalls around offer exceptional stunning views to its visitors. This is the comprehensive list of what to do during this blissful season:

  1. Boating at Nakki Lake

Boating at Nakki Lake - Mount Abu Rajasthan
Boating at Nakki Lake

Known for its scenic beauty, Nakki Lake is a perfect place for boating and one of the best things to do in Mount Abu. Enjoy picturesque views all around while riding a boat with your friends or partner. This is the thing you should not miss while visiting here.

Price: INR 50-100 per person for 30 minutes

  1. Enjoy Trekking

Kalsubai trekking

There is a lot of things to enjoy in Mount Abu but trekking is favorite for adventure enthusiasts. Trekking in Mount Abu becomes more adventurous as the views become more alive and stunning. All you need to be careful as some of the places may slippery and difficult to access and that’s what makes it superbly adventurous.

Price: Starting from INR 2,700 (Applicable on booking a trekking tour or guide)

  1. Visit Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary - Mount Abu Rajasthan
Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Earlier a forest, now turned into a sanctuary and it is known as Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Leopard is the major attraction of this Sanctuary while you can also spot species like Sambhar, wild boar, mongoose, jackal, and more.

Entry Fee: Nothing will be charged an entry fee but Jeep Safari may costs you INR 300 per person.

  1. Spot the town from Guru Shikhar

Guru Shikhar - Mount Abu Rajasthan
Guru Shikhar

Imagine yourself on the highest point of the city and your witnessing amazing views from there. An incredible place, Guru Shikhar is the place that offers you mesmerizing vies as well as allows you to visit Guru Dattatreya Temple.

Distance from Mount Abu: 15 km

  1. Visit the famous Dilwara Temple

Dilwara Temple

One of the most famous places to visit in Mount Abu, Dilwara Temples is known for its amazing architecture and the surrounding views. The temple is dedicated to Jainism and based on a strong history. Besides its spiritual offering, the temple should be visited for its beautiful structure.

Opening Hours: 12 pm to 5 pm for non-devotees

  1. Spend some time relaxing at Brahma Kumaris Peace Park

Brahma Kumaris Peace Park - Mount Abu Rajasthan
Brahma Kumaris Peace Park

Enter this park and you will feel an amazing mind and soul peace as the silence and beauty lie together. The park is full of beautiful flowers and offers scenic views of the Aravalli Hills. And monsoon showers turn it into a vibrant green paradise.

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee charged

  1. Experience luxury at the Altus Resort

altus resort mount abu
altus resort mount abu

If you are not a budget traveler, you must plan your stay in the luxury hotel – Altus Resort in Mount Abu. Located very close to all major attractions, Altus Resort is not behind in offering you the ultimate luxurious experience. You need to believe that your stay will be rejuvenating & relaxing for sure.

Tariff: Starting from INR 13,000 (Worth it)

  1. Enjoy the stunning sunset view from Sunset Point

31 Sensational Sunsets

Watching sunset right after the rain stopped is one of the most beautiful experiences. And that can happen at sunset point as it offers gorgeous sunset views exactly like that. A romantic scene from the movie ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ was also shot here as the team found it perfect for romantic scenes.

You must visit it once with your family, or friends, or with your sweetheart. And make it more worth visiting during monsoons.


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