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Mount Mary Church Mumbai

Mount Mary Church Mumbai

Mount Mary Church Mumbai

Mount Mary Church Mumbai

Mount Mary Church Mumbai

Mount Mary Church Mumbai

Mount Mary Church Mumbai – Lady of the Mount in Bandra

The Mount Mary Church Mumbai is a roman catholic church located in Bandra. The birthday of Mother Virgin Mary is celebrated here on the first Sunday that comes after September 8th. Locals call this occasion as Bandra fair and people from all over the country come here to enjoy this great occasion. The basilica church is seen to stand on a hillock which overlooks the Arabian Sea. The
Blessed Lady, Virgin Mary is said to have divine power that attracts large number of crowd from all religions. Mother welcomes every people from every faith and there is no religion discrimination. She showers her favor on everybody who comes there to receive her blessings and gratitude. Once in the year 1738 the church was destroyed by the Maratha people and then again it was rebuilt in the year 1760.

The church is a very huge one with stone edifice devoted to Mother Mary of Lord Jesus. The Mount Mary Basilica is a place of peace and hope beatified by royal and grand architecture. The inner beauty of the church is a feast for our eye as it serves with the utmost beautiful decoration along with Mother Mary standing before us with her child in her arms. It is suitable place for people who are facing problems in their daily life or anybody seeking spiritual development. God listens to everybody’s wishes and bless them with peace and shows them the right path.

Our lady of the mount

Mother Mary of the church in Lands End Bandra is known to all by ‘our lady of the mount’. The shrine is a wooden statue brought from Portugal during era of sixteenth century. The main alter on a hill at Bandra houses this shrine in a small oratory. Over the years it was believed that whoever comes to Mother never returns unaided. She granted her favor on all aspirants. Since then lots of devotees are seen arriving there from all over the world to get blessings of Mother Mary.

What to see Mount Mary Church Mumbai

  • Sanctum sanctorum that depicts the above ceiling, the seven steps and the marble alter
  • The serene and attractive interior of the church basilica
  • The nave of the basilica
  • There is relic that contains a blood drop of St. Pope John Paul 11 offered by Holy see to this church
  • The shrine of Mother Mary that looks like an angel from heaven descended to earth

How to reach there

The nearest railway station is Bandra station. Local trains are available from Mumbai to Bandra. Buses are also accessible from Mumbai that stop near the spot. Auto rickshaws and taxis are available that would easily drop you at the Mount Mary church.

Nearby attractions to the church

  1. Father Agnel on Carter road nearby Mount Mary church
  2. The linking road offers the tourists a suitable market for shopping
  3. The popular Joggers’ park nearby is another attraction that should be visited by the tourists.

What to do

People believe that if they bring wax figure signifying the devotees’ illness it receives mother’s blessings and the illness is cured. Suppose a person has broken his arm, then he should bring a wax figure of an arm. The Bandra fair week is the most popular season when crowds are seen all over the region. This time in the month of September the church is beautifully decorated. The shops in the fair sell religious artifacts, candles with innovative shapes, goan sweets and wax idol of virgin mother Mary. Large number of people gathers in these stalls outside the church as this is time comes once in a year.

The Mount Mary Church Mumbai is a very popular one and is a glory for the tourists. Not only Christians but also non Christians find peace and divinity in this church. Mother showers her love on all devotees equally. Sick people, frustrated and unsatisfied souls find this place a way to their peace of soul and mind. The positive vibes nurtures the overall being of the person who prays to Mother from heart. A pure devotion from heart and mind never goes in vein. Mother accepts all such prayers made with believe and faith.

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