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Mouth watering street food in Shimla

Mouth watering street food in Shimla

Mouth watering street food in Shimla

Mouth watering street food in Shimla

Mouth watering street food in Shimla

Mouth watering street food in Shimla

Mouth watering street food in Shimla

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh is an attractive tourist spot due to its natural landscapes and scenic beauty. The beauty of the hill station gets double in the winter months and lots of people from all over the world come to explore the city and the hill covered with snow. With the increasing popularity of Shimla, the street dhabas and roadside foods are gaining popularity too. If you are a foodie then these mouth watering street food in Shimla would definitely catch your attraction. These roadside stalls are much liked by the fast food lovers for their unique taste other than the aristocratic restaurants.

Chana Bhatura of Sita Ram and sons

This is one of the roadside food stall where you can get the authentic taste of the city. Chana bhatura is a common dish available at certain places but here you could get the best one ever you had in your lifetime. A visit to this place is a must while in Shimla. The chana is the chickpea curry and bhatura is fried bread that is very soft to eat. It is tossed with green pudina chutney and crispy tikkis. This place is often visited by even the Bollywood stars like Prity Zinta and Anupam Kher. Located at Lakkar Bazaar, the owner of the stall has been providing such tasty eatery to the tourists and locals since years.

Golgappa stall in Navbhar Chowk

We all are fans of Golgappas because of its tangy flavour and incredible taste. This stall of Golgappas in Navbhar chowk is definitely the best one in the city. One should not miss to eat the crunchy golgappas of this place. Moreover the stall provides awesome fruit chaat made with fresh seasonal fruits. This is an ideal dish to refresh the body and mind in the hot summer days.

Momos of Tibetan food corner

Momos are all season favourite but it is especially for the chill weather of the hill stations in the winter season. This food corner offers the best momos of the city with red chilly chutney, mayo and pudina chutney to pair with the momo for a yummy taste. Other than momos they provide crispy Kurkeys and spring roll wrappers that are rarely found anywhere else.

Ice cream of Embassy

The creamy and fruit ice cream and desserts are the speciality of Embassy. It is the best ice cream corners with varieties of ice creams to cool off on hot days. The tourists and the local people make the place busy as they like the softies, squashes, dallops and shakes with special personalised flavour.

Bihari lal Sharma stall

It is a very old stall that has been serving the travellers and the citizens since 1950. It is known for selling fruit chats with delicious taste. Seasonal fruit salad is mixed with black salt and jeera powder to boost its rich flavour. The spicy flavour goes well in winter season while the juicy one is favourable as summer treat. The stall can be spotted just above the Gandhi statue at Takka Bench. The tourists travelling to Jakhoo temple find it useful to take a cool break in the way. The cheap dish is enough to provide the lost energy during travelling in the summer season.

Kishna Baker’s bakery shop

It is one of the oldest shops in the city that offers best chicken buns. Well cooked chicken is stuffed in the roasted bun to provide an excellent treat. Other than chicken stuffs there are vegetarian versions too for the veggies. The chicken bun is served with raw tomato, onion, coriander leaves and sometimes cabbage leafs that looks appealing to the eater. Besides buns there are potato patties, cheeseburgers and kathi rolls that you must try. If you want to have it on the way in train or at home then get it packed and have a nice dinner with your near and dear ones.

The above food stores are the best ones among the mouth watering street food in Shimla. If you are planning to visit Shimla, then you must try these foodstuffs that you never had before. These snacks and roadside food are colourful as the colourful environment of the city.

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