Muay Thai gym training experience, Bangkok

I had seen a couple of Muay Thai fights before in Hua Hin

Muay Thai gym training experience, Bangkok
(Last Updated On: March 25, 2020)

Muay Thai gym training experience, Bangkok.


I had seen a couple of Muay Thai fights before in Hua Hin, but never seen a Muay Thai gym training session before. I made a decision to see out a Muay Thai gym located off Thanom Ram Inthra in Bangkok.

The training session comprised a British man called Stuart, who is a Muay Thai enthusiast, a Thai man called Ohm, who is a black belt in martial arts and another British man, called Ryan who is on holiday here. Ryan wanted to have a different experience in Thailand rather than visiting temples and general sightseeing, he wanted to have a Muay Thai experience…

The gym – Tiger X.

The gym – Tiger X - Muay Thai gym training

Tiger X is a small Muay Thai gym on the outskirts of Bangkok. The studio has various kickbacks and pads, they also offer Crossfit type of training for the fitness enthusiast, for this, they use TRX, battle ropes, Bulgarian sandbags, kettlebells, pillboxes and more.

The gym is brand new, so all the equipment is new too, there was a pumping sound system, with a 42in LCD screen on the wall and a minute timer sounding when to change the training routine. I noticed 2 air con units, vital in these parts, soon there will be a coffee shop and café on the ground floor.

The Muay Thai training session.

The training was an hour-long intense fitness and sparring sessions, too much for me, so I took 150 photos instead! First up was some light stretching exercises, followed by running up and down the gym to the bars and lifting up on to them. Next up was shadow boxing and shadow kicking in front of the mirror, tiring work this!

Stuart sparred with the Ohm, the instructor and Ryan used to kickbacks. After 5 minutes Ryan and Stuart sparred with each other with instruction from Ohm, the process with then repeated with Ryan and Ohm sparring, with Stuart using the kickbacks

After the sparring, the 3 men ran up and down the gym for 5 minutes. This was followed by all 3 using the kickbacks and the then under instruction crawling along the floor and then followed by more running the length of the gym.

The last session was with the instructor, Ohm and Stuart having a powerful Muay Thai sparring session. Very hard work and all 3 of them were dripping with sweat after an hour of intense training and Muay Thai sparring.

I had a quick session using the kickbacks for 5 minutes and posed for some photos with the instructor, Ohm. Ryan was very pleased with his Muay Thai training session and the experience is something that will live with him for a long time, see you next week Ryan for some more!

Tiger X also runs excursions to Lumphini Stadium to experience Muay Thai fights in action.  This is something that I will do next time for sure.


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Muay Thai gym training experience, Bangkok
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