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Nainital Lake

nainital lake

Nainital Lake

Nainital Lake is a freshwater lake situated in the heart of the hill station Nainital. If you’re visiting Nainital, it is one of the best tourist attractions which you should visit. The entire hill station is situated around the Nainital Lake. Owing to this very reason, whenever you are in Nainital, the lake would be easily accessible to you. Also, as compared to the other hill station based lakes, Nainital Lake is a bit on the bigger side and thus it is frequented by a lot of tourists.

The records of the Nainital Lake date to as back as 1839. The lake is flanked by mountains as well as peaks on all sides. The lake is also situated in the catchment area. This ensures that the water is replenished through rainfall as well. The lake is abundant in flora and fauna as well. There is a lot of vegetation which grows in the lake as well as around the lake. Some fishes are also found in the lake like:

In the recent years, there have been a lot of efforts in order to the restore the lake to its previous glory. Owing to the increase the commercialization of the hill station, the lake is becoming more and more polluted.

Also, when you’re visiting the Lake, you can rent a boat from the Nainital boat club. Boating is a very popular activity associated with the Nainital Lake. Also, the road around the lake is filled with not only hotels but also plenty of restaurants and eateries. This ensures that you are able to easily explore the local cuisine while watching the lake. Also, if you’re looking for shopping avenues, these are also located along the lake.

In addition to that, in every June, specifically in the 3rd week, there is the annual Kingfisher yachting competition organized in this lake. Thus, if you’re visiting in June, make sure that you align your dates with this particular competition. During the winter months as well, you would be able to experience plenty of festivals which would help you in exploring the local culture as well as traditions of Nainital. These are organized by the Tourism Ministry. Thus, you would be able to explore the local culture as well.

So, when you’re in Nainital the Nainital Lake is one of the best tourist attractions which you can visit.

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