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Naneghat trek

Naneghat trek

Naneghat trek

Naneghat trek

Naneghat trek

Naneghat trek itinerary details-Mumbai

Naneghat trek is one of the easier treks among all other treks in the city. It is at a distance of 90 km from Mumbai. It does not take much time and a short trek could be planned with friends or family. The view from the top is fabulous and this is the reason of trekking at Naneghat. It is a bit risky to trek there in rainy season and you must take suitable precaution to go there at this time although the view becomes more beautiful in this season but you have to be very careful. Motor vehicles are available to reach the top from the base of the fort. You can take 4 wheelers in case you do not want to trek. But in that way the pleasure of adventure gets half. Trekking is the best option if you want to explore nature. You can walk through the unknown routes, beautiful landscape, and riverside pathways which is overall a wonderful experience.

About Naneghat trek

The word nane means coin while ghat stands for a pass. Previously Naneghat was used as a tollbooth for collecting toll from the traders while crossing the hills. The best time to visit the place is late monsoon as the hill is full of little waterfalls and after monsoon the waterfalls come alive. It is really something to explore in the middle of the jungle. It is an ideal place for photography. On the way to Junner you can have your meal.

Trek itinerary

The trekking journey starts from Kalyan Bus stoppage at about 10 PM previous night. Then you will reach the village base within a few hours. In the morning at 7 am get yourself refreshed and have a light breakfast as you need to walk for hours. The journey will take two or two and half hours to reach the spot, the top of the hill. After reaching the spot, enjoy the view and relax after having lunch. At about 2 pm, start descending down and within one hour you will reach village.

What to explore

The trek would be more interesting if you explore the caves that have been crafted with ancient inscriptions. The caves create an impression of Satavahana era. Explore the gushing waterfalls that could be best enjoyed after rains have flooded it. Besides waterfalls, the riverside landscape is another thing that would make adventure more interesting. So now you know how trekking has taken over vehicle ride up to the hill. There are beautiful flowers that would surely catch your attention.

What to carry

There are certain things that you need to carry while you are going for a trek, other than a simple journey. The trek being adventurous need extra materials to keep yourself safe although the journey. It includes:

  • A rucksack to carry the luggage.
  • Comfortable clothes depending upon the weather (carry raincoat if it is monsoon and winter jackets if it is winter season.)
  • Carrying an identity proof has become compulsory nowadays wherever you are going.
  • A water bottle of maximum 2 liters.
  • Strong comfortable shoes (definitely trekking shoe)
  • Carry medicine that you take every day and some energy drinks. Along with that keep on antiseptic cream or lotion with you.

Where to stay

There is a resort nearby Naneghat known as Naneghat valley Heritage Resort. This is the only resort in the region that offers home stay for tourists. The resort takes care of all basic needs of customers and customer satisfaction is their main motto. The resort can avail space for 40 to 45 people at a time. There is a shop over the hill run by a farmer who sells homemade snacks.

Naneghat trek has become a new attraction for the tourists and trekkers as they have been bored from the old hill stations like Khandala and Lonavla. Naneghat, the hill fort in the district of Thane in Maharashtra stands at a height of 2600 feet above sea level. Water tanks, reservoir, artificial caves, huge rock walls and the ancient pass are the features of the cave. The fort pinnacle seems like the shape of a thumb, and therefore known as ‘Nancha Angtha’.

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