Nepal Tourism

Nepal Tourism

Nepal, officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a neighboring nation of India, known for its regular excellence and beautiful perspectives. The friendliness of Nepal is very well known as Nepal tourism has been developing for the past numerous years. Regardless of whether we discuss mountains, religious destinations, or dynamic occasions and celebrations, Nepal has got it all. Opting for Nepal tourism is the most ideal approach to explore this nation, as there are many concealed jewels in here holding up to be found.

In the event that you get a kick out of the chance to live at the time and are an adventure sports enthusiast, opt for Nepal tourism which will give you the chance to go from trekking to paragliding, boating, and also mountain biking. While experiencing these sports, you will find the opportunity to witness probably the most mesmerizing landscapes that are a pride of Nepal tourism. As an experienced crack, you should take those Nepal tourism packages that incorporate these enterprise sports. While you visit Nepal, you should go across the following places.

The City of Peace, Kathmandu

Kathmandu is situated at a height of 1400m above sea level is the capital city as well as the only metropolitan city in Nepal. It is actually a valley which is surrounded by 4 prominent hills. It is an ideal place for a person who is finding peace and beauty. There are a huge number of religious and spiritual places in Nepal that you cannot miss like Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhu Temple, Pashupatinath temple. Locations such as the Garden of dreams, the National Museum and the National History Museum of Nepal, Narayanthi Royal palace are also some of the very common places.

Shopping in Kathmandu is a must thing to do. The things you can look for are boundless. Thamel is the middle for every kind of shopping. You’ll discover everything, from handiworks to metal works, from paper works to garments here. You can even shop at a shopping center. The local works and collectibles are world-famous, and the hand-woven materials of the locale are intricate and lovely. Do purchase Pashmina and Cashmere articles while you’re here, they are totally perfect and an absolute for you to have.


Pokhara is a truly scenic and happening tourist spot. It is situated amid lakes and at the foot of Annapurna Mountain Range. This range contains 3 of the world’s 10 tallest mountains. Pokhara is the 2nd largest city in Nepal. It is an ideal place for people who love trekking and many others visit this place for adventure sports. The presence of lakes like Phewa Lake and Begnas Lake along with beautiful mountain ranges always creates a splendid view that becomes breathtaking and sticks to your memory for evermore.

 Known for its energetic and widely varied vegetation, you can without much of a stretch have a delightful perspective of the Great Himalayan locale in Nepal. Aside from that, the nation is very famous with regards to religious locales, for example, sanctuaries and cloisters. Now, it is needless to say that if you are a true blue nature enthusiast, you have already started to plan for this next destination of yours.

How to Enjoy Nepal

No matter where you are in the world, no matter how thrilling that place may seem to be to others, if you haven’t acquainted yourself with its tourist attractions then expect that vacation to be a boring one. The good news is that this blog has been created to introduce you to Nepal’s attractions (that is if you’re heading down there) so you can enjoy the place and make the most out of your vacation in the most affordable way possible.

The Boudhanath


If it is your first-time traveling to Nepal I suggest that you take the time to visit the Boudhanath. The place is unlike any other. To give you an idea why try to imagine yourself back in your condominium. What do you see around you? It wouldn’t be hard to guess that surrounding you are modernistic high-rise buildings and if you look down below, you can see the usual bumper-to-bumper traffic. This is what big city people wake up to every morning. When you’re in Nepal, the scenario changes dramatically, like you’ve been warped into a different era and dimension. That is why we are highly suggesting that you visit the Boudhanath because it is something that you won’t get to see on a regular basis. This is one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Nepal situated about eleven kilometers northeast of Kathmandu and not to mention the largest Buddhist complex located outside of Tibet. No wonder it has been considered a World Heritage Site.

The Kopan Monastery

Kopan Monastery

Again, if you’re used to all the noise and pollution of the city life, a visit to the Kopan Monastery will certainly invigorate both your mind and body. You won’t hear the annoying honking of taxi cabs or inhale lungsful of polluted air because the place is absolutely a hundred and one percent peaceful. The monastery houses communities of monks and nuns. Everyone who wishes to visit the place is welcome as long as you do not disrupt the peace that the Kopan Monastery maintains. So yelling and screeching are prohibited. You can walk around and learn about meditation and all sorts of mind-relaxing techniques from their experts.

The Seeing Hands Clinic

What would be better than a relaxing massage after a long day? Instead of going to ridiculously expensive spas, why don’t you try to visit the Seeing Hands Clinic in Nepal? This clinic is known to be the best in all of Kathmandu and they offer services that help their customers relax. Getting a massage from trained Nepalese hands is the perfect reward you can give yourself after a tiring day of exploration.

The Garden of Dreams

Garden of Dreams

I thought I’d warned you that Nepal is packed with tourist spots that offer complete rest and relaxation. Just like the Garden of Dreams, a botanical garden located in the city center of Kathmandu city. This place follows a beautiful orthodox architectural design decorated and surrounded by flowers having distinct and vibrant hues, foliage, and uniquely designed gazebos that when combined would make an excellent getaway place for those who are seeking tranquility and relaxation. Everywhere you see, you’ll find palm trees swaying in the direction of the wind. The cool breeze and the stunning ambiance are enough to recharge you for the long days ahead. In addition, snacks are being served in the garden so you can munch on your favorite Nepalese foods while you bask in the surroundings.

The Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre

The Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre is another tourist spot that you shouldn’t fail to miss. It has a giant art library and houses over three thousand art books. Exhibits that showcase the talents of local artists can also be found here. So if you think you’ve had enough of those relaxing sights, check the Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre out.

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