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Neyyar Dam in Western Ghats, Trivandrum

Neyyar Dam in Western Ghats, Trivandrum

Neyyar Dam in Western Ghats, Trivandrum

Neyyar Dam in Western Ghats, Trivandrum

Neyyar Dam in Western Ghats

Neyyar Dam in Western Ghats, Trivandrum

Neyyar Dam in Western Ghats, Trivandrum

The southern India is full of tourist destination due to its wonderful view beautified with all branches of nature like lakes, hills, forests, waterfalls and ocean. Kerala, one of the south Indian State is popularly known as ‘God’s Own country’ due to its magnificent beauty. Situated there in the Trivandrum district at Kallikkad Panchayat, there is a famous tour spot known as Neyyar Dam which is also a gravity dam. It is a well-known picnic spot with a scenic lake established in the year 1958. The river on which the Dam is built flows through various villages and towns and falls at Arabian Sea. The height of the dam is 56 meter and it is stretched at a length of 295 m. The main attraction of the dam is the adventures lion safari park and the boating journey towards the dam. After crossing the Neyyar Lake you can enter the Neyyar Sanctuary to see lions roaming freely which is worth the visit.

Legend behind Neyyar Dam

The Dam is basically a small part of the huge Neyyar Wildlife Forest. It is home to many wild animals such as Nilgiri Tahr, sloth bear, elephants, and deer. Typical herbal plants are also seen around the region that is used for making medicines. The vast land of the dam was previously particular of an agriculturist of Maruthummoottil family and was given to the government for the purpose of irrigation. The place is a historic and cultural heritage of the city.

Activities to do on Neyyar Dam

  • Kerala being the origin of coconut trees you can try drinking local coconut water and its inner milky white lining which is very tasty.
  • Watch the rubber plantations of white latex harvested by the local people on the way to Trivandrum.
  • There are also speed boats that you can hire at the rate of 250 INR per person and experience the beautiful surrounding featured with picturesque greeneries.
  • Go for the lion safari and elephant ride to the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Visit the nearby places such as Lake Garden, Watch Tower, Deer Park and swimming pool.
  • The dam houses a Yoga and meditation centre named as Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram. It is very beautiful and you can spend your time in a peaceful manner.
  • The Crocodile Research Centre is another spot to visit in the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • There are many temples near the Neyyar Dam such as Mangara Muttom Shiva Temple and Veeranakavu Shastha Temple.

Reaching there

The nearest railway station is Thiruvanathapuram at a distance of 32 km from the dam and the nearest airport, Thiruvanathapuram International Airport is located at a distance of 38 km from the exact location of the dam. Regular bus services are available from the city, so it is very easy to reach there. Also you can hire cabs from anywhere in the city to your destination. Alternatively you can go there from Kovalam which is around 35 kilometers away from the spot.

Staying Neyyar Dam

Inside the dam premise there is a suitable place to stay which is the property of KTDC. The name of the guest house is Agasthya House and is a wonderful home stay with 7 deluxe rooms and 1 dormitory. All the sightseeing spots are located very close to the hotel. You need to do check the price per night prior booking as there are less rooms and more demand during pick season which starts from September till March. Other than this there are many hotels nearby to experience a comfortable stay.

The Neyyar Dam is an awesome place for people of all ages. The best season to visit there is winter season as the weather remains just perfect for taking beautiful snaps of the scenic view all around. The gushing water of the dam can be seen from very near. There are vast pristine region where you could find wild species of animals and plants. So when you are in the city of Thiruvanathapuram, you can add this place in your tour itinerary and relax yourself into the healing natural surroundings of Neyyar Dam. The dam is just an ideal place for a get-together or a picnic with family and friends.

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