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Niagara waterfall

Niagara waterfall

Niagara waterfall Different Waterfalls Seen in the World

Different Waterfalls Seen in the World

A waterfall is a place where the water tends to flow over a drop in a vertical manner or may be in a series of steep drop during the course of a river or stream. Niagara Waterfall is one of the widest waterfall in the world. There are many waterfalls in the world which are having different characteristics and have different beauty. The different type of waterfalls are ledge waterfall, curtain, classical, block or sheet, plunge, horsetail, punchbowl, ribbon etc. The name have been derived from the way of fallng. There are many waterfalls spreaded across the world of which Angel Falls of Venezuela is the tallest waterfall of the world, Aysgarth Falls of England provides inspiration for the Turner, Ruskin and Wordsworth, Cumberland Falls in Kentucky is fall where moon bow is visible, Jog Falls of India is the second largest plunge fall, Niagara Waterfall is the most powerful and widest falls situated in North America.

Niagara falls and All About it

Niagara waterfall is a cataract type of waterfall which is generally the name given to three waterfalls which straddle the border between Canada and the United States more precisely between province of New York state and Ontario. The Southern end of Niagara Gorge is formed by them. From the smallest to the largest the three waterfalls are the Bridal Vell Falls, the American Falls and the Horseshoe falls. On the border of the United States and Canada lies the Horseshoe Falls where as on the side United states lies the American Falls and on the side of the United States which is separated from the American Falls by the Luna Island. These combined falls forms the most high rated flow when ccompared to other waterfalls of the world.

Tourism of Niagara waterfall

During the day time as well as during night time the Niagara waterfall looks attractive during the summer time when a huge number of tourist pay visit. From the side of Canada for several hours the floodlights illuminate on both the side of the falls. In the year of 2007 a total of almost 20 million visitors were calculated. From the American side Goat Island offers more clear view of the waterfall which may be accessed by foot or automobile traffic by means of bridge which is above the American Falls. The cave of the wind can also be accessed from the Goat Island by means of elevator.

On the Goat Island there are also the three sister Island where a big statue of Nikola Tesla can be viewed. A path is also there which enables the sight of the rapids, Gorge and the whole falls. On the side of the Canada the Queen Victoria Park consist of manicured gardens, platforms which offer views of both the American and the

Horseshoe fall. The Skylon Tower consist of the observation deck which shows the tourist the highest view of the waterfall and on the opposite side of it a view is observed to a great extent of the Toronto. More over other attraction include two Casinos on the side of the Canada.

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