14 Online Shopping Tips

Read Online Shopping Tips before you make your next cart!. Some of these tips may come in handy wherever you shop next!

  1. New Arrivals

Keep a lookout for those days of the week where the new stocks come in. Some even have a scheduled time that makes it predictable for shopping.

  1. Promotional Discounts

Every celebration will warrant a promotion! Check with customer service if there is a deal that you can apply. Most online stores do offer a promo for their customers’ first purchase so check it out.

  1. Delivery Options And Timing

Get a rough idea of what delivery options are available to you, if you have a good feel of the delivery time frame of the store, you are also looking at a good schedule to know when your parcels will arrive.

  1. Secured Web Site

Make your purchase from a site with Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) to minimize the risk of information theft from your credit card purchase. Look at the link search bar and look for the ‘lock icon or website that starts with HTTPS:// to indicate an SSL site.

  1. Customer Service Contact

Raise your concerns through the many platforms. You can look from Web Live Chat, Email, Phone, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, etc. conveniently being in reach with the seller is key after your purchase.

  1. Free Shipping

Check out the free shipping criteria just to be sure you hit the required minimum spending. Some online stores offer free local shipping too!

  1. International Shipping

Look through the fine prints if you are buying outside of the country the store is in. You may find some good offers with minimum spending or free, to begin with.

  1. Wish List

Some sites offer a wish list feature just so that you can place the items that you are unsure of in there. Otherwise, just leave them in your cart and re-visit it to refresh your wish list.

  1. Checkout As Guest Or Registered User

If you wish to retain certain information, then you should probably go for guest checkout, aside from staying out of the mailing list, the seller will probably still have information on your address and contact for delivery. But here’s why you’d want to register yourself: ‘Members’ tend to receive promotional updates with better entitlements should the offer issued require a registered account to complete the purchase. You’d also have someplace to refer your last purchases to, just in case you forgot what you bought in the last spree.

  1. Sizes And Measurements

If you are unsure of the size, whip out your measuring tape and get those numbers in check, some site offers pretty substantial size charts that will help make your pick. We are somewhat used to getting the common sizes we know fits, but if the size chart says otherwise, you’d have a better bet so pay closer attention to it.

  1. Returns And Exchanges

Go through the fine prints and make sure you got the after-purchase covered! Some of us just can’t fit in the item right and may require an exchange. Otherwise, return the item to get a refund for another purchase. Some sellers may offer the return at a minimal charge, to your bank account, credit card, or store credit, you can be sure that you are still getting your money back in some way or another.

  1. Flash Or Clearance Sales

Set an alarm on what not to miss when the seller is about to have flash sales or a clearance promo. You’d probably check out with a shopping bag full of items more than what you’d expect.

  1. One-stop Ecommerce

Start buying from one store where you can grab 80% of your shopping list. It’s much easier buying from one and handling your after-purchase matters than multiple stores with different response times.

  1. Users Reviews

Comb the web, blog, and social media for reviews from other shoppers to get a feel of what your shopping experience will be like.

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