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Panama City Florida

Panama City Florida

Panama City Florida

Panama City Florida

Panama City Florida

Panama City Florida

Panama City Florida is a holiday location boasting 27 miles of perfect sandy beaches and a whole host of attractions and exciting things to do. It makes for the perfect family vacation spot. Activities range from thrilling water sports off the coast to marine parks and giant mazes for children both big and small. Panama City is a beautiful slice of paradise for those who want to experience Florida at their own pace.

Main Attractions in Panama City Florida

Shell Island Beach

Shell Island Beach
Shell Island Beach

A short drive away from Panama City is Shell Island. A favourite with locals and tourists in the know, the island is completely undeveloped and contains not only a brilliant beach, but an island lake teeming with wildlife, from deer to green sea turtles. The beach is seven miles long and is the perfect location for a beachside stroll and some holiday snaps. If you don’t fancy the walk, you can simply recline on the pine hammocks on the beachfront and lose yourself in a book.

Gulf World Marine Park

Gulf World Marine Park - Panama City Florida
Gulf World Marine Park

This family-friendly park explores the rich wildlife of Florida and beyond, both on and off the land. The daily shows include dancing dolphins, feeding sea lions and getting up close and personal with colourful tropical birds. There is also a stingray petting pool for the little ones and swim with dolphins experiences are available.

What To Do in Panama City Florida

Visit Mexico Beach

Mexico Beach - Panama City Florida
Mexico Beach

Mexico Beach is an isolated beach free from hotels and resorts which is well worth a day out. The white sands of the beach are the perfect place to lie and tan, with the occasional swim in the warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico. The beach is a 30-mile drive away from Panama City and makes for a great escape from the city. Across the road from the beach is a selection of restaurants (serving fish caught in the Gulf) if you start to feel peckish.

Find Your New Favourite Water Sport!

There is far more to do in the waters by Panama City than swimming! Water sports are huge in the city and range from recreational diving to jet skiing and boating. If you want to try something different, paddleboarding (brilliant for beginners) and kiteboarding have become increasingly popular in the area, with instructors available to get you started.

Where To Stay

Panama City has a huge range of hotels, motels, apartments and hostels. Those who are looking for the basics will do well with Luna’s Castle hostel, an attractive resorted Spanish mansion that provides everything you need for a very small price (and a very laid-back atmosphere). Those wanting to step out of their room and onto the beach can go to the range of hotels on the seafront. The Beachbreak by the Sea, Beachcomber and Beachside resorts all provide rooms with balconies looking over the gulf, discounts for local attractions and a spot right by the sand.

For a high-end experience on a budget, The Flamingo motel gives you the no-frills motel experience and price, but with a luxurious beachfront spot. Rooms in “The Tower” have beach views.

5 Reasons To Visit Beautiful Panama

Panama is world-famous for its canal which connects the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. But there is much more to this country… A combination of stunning wildlife, and industrial city life, makes it a fantastic place to visit. Here are our 5 top destinations in this unique location:

  1. Panama Canal

Panama Canal

The canal, joining the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, is what Panama is best known for. It was built in 1914 and took 17 years to create this 48-mile passage. With Panama tours taking visitors up and down the canal, there are plenty of opportunities to see it in full. The natural landscape has been utterly reshaped by this man-made wonder. However, it is still green and luscious, teeming with wildlife, indigenous cultures, and dense jungles.

  1. Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo

At night, Casco Viejo is the perfect edgy and cosmopolitan city. With music on the streets and a new bar around every corner. Head up to Plaza Francia to watch the sunset and amazing views over the city. In the day there are designer and boutique shops to explore, and authentic markets at Plaza de La Indepencia. When you tire of the modern skyscrapers across the bay, old town Panama City is filled with tiled roofs and Spanish colonial architecture.

  1. Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro

For most travelers, Bocas del Toro is the epitome of the perfect Caribbean coast. The nine tropical islands here still retain a strong West Indian influence, and with the stunning beaches, emerald sea, and swaying palms, there are loads to do and see here. The main attractions are the scuba diving and surfing breaks, but there are many wilder islands to explore as well if you want to enjoy a more private and secluded break.

  1. Parque Nacional Coiba

Parque Nacional Coiba

This national marine park is perfect for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. As Panama’s largest island, Isla de Coiba is 503 km square and is filled with different species of animals and marine life. More than two dozen species of dolphin and whales have been found here, including sperm, humpback, and killer. On shore, there is an abundance of crocodiles, turtles, and reptiles, with birds filling the palms and jungle.

  1. Boquete


The stunning mountain town of Boquete is found at the foot of the Baru Volcano. It is known for its abundance of outdoor activities set in a paradise landscape. Hiking, white water rafting, and rock climbing are all available here, along with canopy touring and meeting the friendly locals, and try the vegetables and citrus fruits that grow in abundance here. The region is also home to the best coffee growers in the world. The locally grown beans can be tasted on coffee tours and in the cafes. The most expensive coffee is sold here, Cafe Geisha at $40 a cup!

There are so many other places to visit in the stunning land. Though it is worth noting that pregnant women are advised not to visit at the moment, due to the risk of the Zika Virus. As with any tropical climate, ensure you have had all your vaccinations and immunizations before traveling, and enjoy the wild and beautiful land!



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