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Partying the night away in Guwahati

Partying the night away in Guwahati

Partying the night away in Guwahati

Partying the night away in Guwahati

Partying the night away in Guwahati

Partying the night away in Guwahati

Partying the night away in Guwahati

Nightlife in the city of Guwahati is somehow quite but the most exciting and interesting is yet to come in the future days. There is so much to explore in partying the night away in Guwahati and travellers can get relief after being exhausted by the whole journey. Those who seek to spend the night in a luxurious way, the best known posh hotel of the town should be your choice. And for the relaxed ones, places like Kamikaze and Blues are there. But above all you should try the cafe Hendrix which is rich in musical atmosphere.


Night is the only time when the city comes into dark life and a mysterious passion prevails. People who are keen about party and dance, Kamakazi are an ideal place to rock the floor with fun and your favourite drink. Actually Kamakazi is a floating disco that has been built on a ferryboat. It floats on water while moored upon the river bank. Being there is like being on a wonderland. Wish you would have a nice time there.

Cafe Hendrix

One of the most pleasures hang out zones is the cafe Hendrix as mentioned before that has been named after the guitar legend, Jimi Hendrix. It is a popular place among the young hearts and the local people that has been continuously adding spunk to the city’s nightlife culture. Designed like the blues bars of the western countries, this cafe Hendrix is situated on GS road opposite the pantaloons mall. Because of its location it is not that much tough to locate it on your map. Enjoying nightlife is at climax in this cafe if you mingle yourself with the essence of the cafe. This place is worth your visit as the soothing music with bears in your hand is something that most travellers look for. Another speciality of this place is that you could enjoy is live gigs and local musicians regularly performing here. Hendrix has gained clean reputation for its cool environment and providing visitors personal freedom.


Next comes Blues that ranks at the top position when it comes to the most active bars in partying the night away in Guwahati. There are very few places in the city where you can tap your feet at the local live performances and Blues is one of them. The place serves varieties of hard drinks such as wines, scotch and whiskies which help in uplifting the spirit. The interesting fact about the mock tail is that each one is named after the famous attractions of Guwahati.

Lounge Bar

The other impressive bar is the Lounge Bar that is located in the aristocratic Dynasty hotel. It is a thriving pub remarkable for lively crowd and incredible music. This is a fantastic escape from the serious busy day life to the mind blowing nightlife. It offers a chance to the college students, local people specially the young working people to take a break from their hectic routine. This bar has a good reputation for serving delicious food and splendid drinks. A contemporary hotel with easy to find location is the feature of this popular bar. It is kept open on all days of the week from ten in the morning to ten at night. It is a must visit place for the wine enthusiast as it has rich collection of beverages and wine in its store. The cost to take full advantage of this bar is seven hundred to eight hundred.

Guwahati is well known for its natural beauty and charming environment, but is not so much fledged after the dark city. It is better that the city is located in the eastern part of India that makes the sun rise and sunset early. The road becomes empty and the shutters of the shop are down by 11 at night, except human commotion and traffic. Because of this, thirsts of people are not quenched fully, and the nightlife brings more non reusable income to the common people. However, the following days would be modified and good things are on the way. Partying the night away in Guwahati has made the nightclubs packed with a lot of party goers and creates an entertaining night out.

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