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Parvati Hill a heritage hillock in Pune

Parvati Hill a heritage hillock in Pune

Parvati Hill a heritage hillock in Pune

Parvati Hill a heritage hillock in Pune

Parvati Hill a heritage hillock in Pune

Parvati Hill a heritage hillock in Pune

Parvati Hill- a heritage hillock in Pune

After Vetal Tekdi, the second highest hill point in Pune is Parvati Hill that rises to a height of 640 meters above ground level. The hill derived its name from the temple atop the hill named as Parvati temple which is the most beautiful destination in the city. Being the oldest heritage temple constructed at the time of Peshwan rule, it seeks an important place in developing Pune’s heritage property. The hilltop also serves as an observation point from where the entire Pune could be viewed. Visitors can reach the temple after climbing 103 steps by the hill. Previously the hill belonged to Taware Patil from whom it was purchased by the Peshwa for building the Shiva temple located atop the hill.

Temple description

The main temple is known as Devdeveshwara and is created out of black stone. There are other temples that are dedicated to Rukmini, Vitthal, Vishnu and Kartikiya. There are actually five temples at the top of the hill.

  • The temple of Shiva and Parvati which is regarded as Devdevshwara Mandir
  • Kartikeya temple, the eldest son of Shiva and Parvati.
  • Vishnu mandir, in the name of preserver of creation
  • Vitthal temple in the name of the manifestation of Vishnu.
  • Rama temple in the name of lord Rama, another manifestation of lord Vishnu

Other temples include deities of Surya (Sun God) and goddess Bhawani. At the south east part of the hill on the halfway up to the hill is the Buddhist cave. It is an incomplete structure but seems to resemble the Pataleshwar caves.

Apart from the temple there are other heritage structures too situated nearby. One of the structures is the Pehwa Museum. The museum depicts about the Peshwa rule. Another structure is the Samadhi of Nanasaheb Peshwa where he is known to spend his life’s last moments. The water tank called Parvati water tank provides water nearly to half of Pune.

Reaching the hilltop

The hilltop is not that high and has trial records. The steps are sloppy and wide enough because of which it is not like the technically built regular steps. The climb is easy and does not need more energy to get up. It may be a bit difficult for the elders but to say many elders are seen climbing the hill using it for doing exercises in the morning and evening. You can also enough opportunities for photo shooting while climbing the hill. The steps to climb it run between the woods on one side and rocks on the other. It takes maximum of half an hour to reach the top for the elders.

What to do

If you want to view the city from the hill top without any hindrance then there is a view point after climbing a few steps up to the wall from the Parvati temple. It offers a wonderful view for which 5 INR is charged as a ticket cost. Visit the temple one by one and offer prayers. The Parvati temple is very famous as heartfelt prayers of devotees are accepted very soon by goddess. Capturing photos of the city from the view point and the temples is a satisfying activity to do.

Useful information on Parvati Hill

The opening time of the temples is from 5 in the morning till 10 at night. It is opened on all days of the week. Parvati stands at the heart of the city. The distance of the hill from Deccan is 4 kms and from that of Swargate is just 1 km. the hill is situated in Saras Baug that is 1 km away from Saras Baug Ganapati temple. Saras Baug can be reached from Swagate via Saras Baug. You can reach the temple from Swargate either via Saras Baug by walking or hiring an auto. In Saras Baug there is a renowned Mahalaxmi temple. These three temples- Saras Baug Ganapati, Mahalaxmi and Parvati can be visited in one day. Parvati Hill may be called a temple complex as the entire hill top is full of various temples. It is a wonderful place for spending a leisure evening or morning. You can spend your weekend at this place filled with positive vibration all around.

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