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Pashan Lake

Pashan Lake

Pashan Lake

Pashan Lake

Pashan Lake

The artificial Pashan Lake in Pune

Located near the Pashan suburbs is the artificial lake of Pashan. It is located at a distance of 12 km from Pune city centre. Built during the British rule the Pashan Lake fulfilled the requirement of water in the region. The water to the lake is supplied by the Ram Nadi, a small rivulet. There is a barrage at the northern side of the lake which too controls the lake. The lake covers an area of 40 square kilometer and is a source of water to the residence of the governor and Pashan village as well. Presently the quality of the water is not good enough and pollution rose due to urbanization.


Apart from such environmental threats visitors find the place ideal for landscape painting and photography. Many artists are seen drawing image of live nature that are seen in front of them. It is a full picturesque destination. Students of ornithology find this place a delightful one and they often visit there to spot different migratory birds like coot, heron, pied kingfisher, red ramped swallow, and opened billed stork and many more. The environmentalists are continuously fighting with threatening issues and are planning to build a bird sanctuary nearby. Everybody wants cool and fresh air and people from the city are always in search of such places where they can freely breathe.

What to do

The first that comes to our mind when we visit Pashan Lake is to watch the huge number of birds. Apart from photography and painting of the picturesque landscape fishing is also enjoyed here. Boating in the lake is another fun filled activity. If you are interested in fishing then you have to get prior permission from the authority. Appointed guards are there who look on to any problems raised while fishing or boating. Moreover another interesting fact is that there is a nest of Bonelli’s eagle near to the lake which is under observation for thirteen years by the WWF authority. The nest serves as an added beauty to the forest.

How to reach Pashan Lake

Pune station serves as the nearest railway station. The lake stands on the HH Prince Aga Khan Road in Sangamvadi. Pune railway hub is connected to all major cities’ railway junction of India. Pune airport is the nearest airport that is located at a distance of 10 km from the centre of the city in Lohagaon. The charges of hiring acab from there up to the city are 200 INR. Auto rickshaws are there in huge numbers available from the railway station and the airport as well directly to the spot. And if you are not comfortable with auto rickshaws then go for taxi available from any part of the city which will take you to the sight very soon and in a relax able manner.

Tips to follow

  1. Never go for the transport that offers cheap price rather go for buses from the regular bus depots which is amore safe option.
  2. Follow the process of meter reading whenever you are in auto rickshaw and never make payments if they charge without meter.
  3. Avoid visiting the city in rush hours as it remains much more crowded at that time.
  4. Although the crime rate in Pune is lower, avoid travelling in late nights as you are a stranger in the locality. For any emergency keep the number of local police station with you.

The Pune municipal construction has taken certain measurements for the betterment of the forest and lake region. A 300 m path has been constructed along the lake known as nature trial. Also there is a bamboo plantation area beside the Pashan Lake to attract birds and protect it as well. A large tree plantation program has been set up by the Municipal cooperation of Pune. It provides a cool shade to the people who visited there. The trees along with the reservoir attract many migratory and local birds but presently due to disturbed environmental issue their presence is decreasing day by day. A huge number of silt has been accumulated at the lake bed due to which the depth has decreased from 50 feet to 20 feet.

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