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Phool Bagh

Phool Bagh

Phool Bagh

Phool Bagh

Phool Bagh

Explore the Urban City Park in Kanpur – Phool Bagh

Phool Bagh : Kanpur is a historical place which is enveloped with royal and divine tales. The name of the city has a very well-known story to recite from Mahabharata. It is believed that Duryodhana presented this land to Karna for his valour when compared to Arjuna. The land was named Karnapur and along with the course of time, it came be known as Kanpur. There was a myth that said the place was known as Kanhaiyapur in the honour of Lord Krishna. It was later called by the name Kanpur, which is the biggest city in Uttar Pradesh. Presently, the region is developing at a gradual pace and making its mark by changing itself to an industrial hub along with various educational establishments. The most preferred goods that are available in Kanpu are the leather and cotton products. Kanpur is also the birthplace of the newly sworn in 14th President of India, Ram Nath Kovind.

Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Udyan or the Phool Bagh is an urban city park in Kanpur, the industrial hub of Uttar Pradesh. It has been the ideal place for many public get together and political rallies in Kanpur from early twentieth century. The Park is located in the interior part of the city near the Kanpur Central railway station, LIC Building and Nana Rao Park. It was known as Queen Victoria Garden during the British rule in India. The garden has witnessed several historical public assemblies visited by some of the greatest leaders and orators of modern India including Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Ram Manohar Lohia. This place is also a residence to the popular Kanpur Sangrahalaya and Cawnpore Union Club. The sangrahalaya is the official museum of the city and is a great source of attraction. Few years ago, the park was well maintained and had much greenery adding to its credit. However, it is now used for political cause like rallies and the greenery has more or less disappeared. Its historical legacy continues to be a drawn.

Historical Significance in Phool Bagh

Queen Victoria Park

Queen Victoria Park

During the reign of Queen Victoria in Britain, the park was named after her. During the reign of King Edward in Britain from 1901 to 1910 he was titled as the Prince of Wales. He had been the first British royal prince to come to India on state visit, after the control of India passed from East India Company hands to British Crown. During this trip to India, he had visited here as well.

Gandhi Bhawan

The European merchants, who had settled in Cawnpore, felt the requirement for an amusement center in Cawnpore. On the demise of King Edward in Britain, the hall was initially constructed as a memorial to honour his 1876 visit to Cawnpore and was named as K. E. M Hall. The funds for the park were gathered from European traders settled in Kanpur and Indian merchants.

Attractions Phool Bagh

  • Cawnpore Union Club located inside the premises.
  • Kanpur Sangrahalaya located in the park ground
  • A bordered sewage dumping ground is constructed inside the park by the Kanpur Municipal Corporation authorities which is located close to Nana Rao Park.
  • A pumping station providing drinking water to Kanpur residents is also located inside the grounds.


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