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Placa I Amsterdam: Where to See the Amsterdam Postcard

Placa I Amsterdam: Certainly one of the postcards of the city of  Amsterdam is the I Amsterdam sign and you cannot go through the city without stopping by, especially to take a picture with the sign in the background and have it as a personal souvenir. The most famous sign is located at the Museumplein in front of the Rijksmuseum, but it is almost impossible to take a picture of that sign without having a person hanging from it. However, what many people do not know is that there are other signs in the city and we will tell you where to find them.


Museumplein - Placa I Amsterdam

As we said earlier, the most famous – and also the most popular – I Amsterdam sign is located at Museumplein opposite the Rijksmuseum. It is very difficult to get a photo without anyone hanging from it or standing in front of you, but if the weather is really bad (raining or snowing) or if you go early, you can find the most empty spot.

Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam Museum
Amsterdam Museum

We have already spoken here on the blog about the Amsterdam Museum that tells more about the history of the city and an I Amsterdam sign can also be found in the gardens of this museum. The version is much smaller than the one located at Museumplein, but it is still an interesting option.

This I Amsterdam plaque was found by chance during our visit to the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA) to see the city from above. Located next to the Nemo Science Center, there was an I Amsterdam sign in front of a dock that belongs to the Maritime Museum. It could not be accessed on foot, but we managed to take good pictures with our camera. We just can’t find the information if this is a permanent sign or if it is the itinerant sign that passes through different parts of the city (see below).

Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport - Placa I Amsterdam
Schiphol Airport

Occasionally an I Amsterdam sign is also placed at Schiphol Airport to welcome tourists arriving in the city. If you arrive or leave the city through the airport, you may be lucky to find a sign there.

Itinerant I Amsterdam Plate

There is also an I Amsterdam sign that changes places and it usually appears at major events that take place in the city. To find out where this sign will be during your visit to the city, access this link to the official Amsterdam tourism website that gives the location of the traveling sign.

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