Places for honeymoon in Kerala

5 Best Places for honeymoon in Kerala

Kerala is an exotic state that features misty cliffs, unending coconut groves, and soothing beaches. If you are recently tied in a knot of marriage or someone looking forward to a romantic getaway from the monotony of daily routine, remember that you will never find yourself in an inadequate position for seeking a romantic getaway in Kerala.

You can begin your exploration in the quaint setting of Munnar or visit Alleppey to experience the enchanting services hosted at beautiful houseboats. You can also plan an evening walk with your partner in the spice field of Wayanad or experience the unspoiled beauty of south India in the ambiance of Thekkady. Above all, you can select the most suitable places for yourself from our Kerala tour packages for couple.



Munnar is an exotic, quaint hill station of Kerala, set at 6000 ft above sea level. Mannar used to be a resort during colonial rule in India. However, the place is now a unique and sought tourist destination of south India. This spectacular sport is an abode for thousands of endangered species, including Neelakurinji and Nilgiri Tahr. The elegant flow of Mattupetti, Periavaru, and Nallathanni river makes Munnar even more cherishable. Besides, various viewpoints will leave you spellbinding. The stunning valley, the beautiful hills, the soothing river, and the rugged trekking train further makes it a popular site for camping. Furthermore, you can choose to stay in a treehouse or sleep under the sky full of stars.



Alleppey is a stunning place in Kerala known for its charming backwater, enchanting houseboat, and vibrant culture. The place is also renowned as the Venice of the east. The modern houseboats here will add more allure to your tour through an exquisite backdrop of water, uninterrupted wind touching your face and soothing you from within.

The houses here are well-furnished with spacious rooms and cozy living rooms, and a kitchen is a perfect place to unwind with your significant other. So these houseboat cruising is the activity you must try if you are planning to be here to celebrate your union. Or soak in the dazzling sunset while simply having a quality conversation about life.


Wayanad - Places for honeymoon in Kerala

Wayanad is often known as the “Spice Garden of India” to spread plantations and spices. However, the unparalleled beauty of this place is something that attracts tourists across the world. Besides the aromatic coffee plantation and species, organic fruits, and vegetables, the region is ideal for watching a variety of wildlife species and birds. You can also explore the gushing river, misty mountains, and dense tropical forests.

Mountaineering, hiking, climbing, and champing are the most loved experiences of all. Trek to India’s largest earth dam–Banasura Dam, or make your way for a spellbinding view of the sunset from Chembra Peak– Wayanad’s highest peak. The list does not end there; Edakkal Caves offer the opportunity to explore potentially the Neolithic age. There are some petroglyphs, which are prehistoric rock carvings used as a communication tool.


Thekkady Tourist places

Thekkady is an unspoiled beauty of south India, situated in Kerala. It provides tourists with a laid-back vacation that allows them to enjoy nature at its finest amid scintillating backdrops and scenic landscapes. Thekkady is surrounded by greenery and has numerous cardamom, tea, and coffee plantations, as well as majestic mountains, serene waterfalls, and pristine rivers.

Thekkady is considered one of the best places to observe the wildlife and capture the wild beauty on your trip. Besides, there are plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities, including trekking, hiking, rafting, jeep safari, and many more. The vibrant ambiance offers such relaxation and calms that you will want more.


Bekal - Places for honeymoon in Kerala

Bekal is the right destination if you look forward to spending time in an intimate setting. Since the town features an unspoiled natural beauty with a calm backdrop and serene beaches. The place has all the amenities and comfort to be worthy of being an ideal honeymoon destination. Be it the crystal clear river or the close proximity to the famous tourist hotspot Nithyanand ashram caves.

And if you are slightly inclined towards the ancient ruins or interested in the historic old towns, then you’d have an amazing time here. So if you are planning for a romantic getaway around nature, remember Bekal has a huge potential to cater to your wanderlust.

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