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Tourist places in South India

Tourist places in south India

7 Best Tourist Places in South India

India being a peninsular country is surrounded by water bodies on three sides and south part of the country lies along the sea coast that provides a beautiful tourist destination for the sea lovers. Apart from the beauty of the sea, there are wildlife sanctuaries, valleys, hills, heritage spots and many more wonderful tour objectives to explore. The states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are at the extreme south with wide varieties of travelling spots like to name a few comes Coorg, Pondicherry, Allepey, Wayanad, Mahabalipuram etc. Among the wildlife sanctuaries are the Bandipur National Park, Nagarhole wildlife sanctuary and Periyar National Park. So now stop wondering where to go and have a look at the best tourist places in South India which is worth your time and money.



Also known as the Scotland o the south, Coorg is famous for amazing hill stations. It is a nearby location to Bangalore that offers lots of activities to do for the adventure lovers. The grey colour of the clouds and the green vegetation of the hills seem to create a good contrast. This is the perfect place for them who want to try water rappelling as it is an awesome adventurous activity where you are to climb uphill against the hard flowing water.


Hampi Sightseeing

In ancient times, this place was a part of Vijaynagar, a kingdom of South India. This place has been added to the list of UNESCO world heritage site due to its religious and historical centres. Visiting this place would take you many years back. The famous Virupaksha temple is located at this place and visitors from all over India are seen to come here. Historical ruins have made the place enchanting and are ideal places for photo shooting.



This place is famous for virgin beaches untouched from the crowd and situated at the coastal region of Karnataka. It is nice place to have a relax moment and enjoy your holiday. If you are planning to spend your weekend on the sunny beaches, lay on the sands then this is going to give you all of these. This beach brings you a toned version of famous Goa beach likewise where you can walk along the shoreline, play volleyball in the water. So just take a break from your daily hectic schedule and enjoy.


kerala tourist places

Allepey is known for the backwaters of Kerala and is also known as the Venice of the East. It is one of the most beautiful places among the tourist places in South India where you can experience the floating houseboats on the water. The place looks awesome at the dawn when you can view a breathtaking sight. A perfect holiday gateway, this place comes alive with gentle waters, hammocks, coconut trees and a chance to stay in houseboats.


Pondicherry Tourism

This is another peaceful city which will take you to a different atmosphere featured with colourful painted house like that of France. This place is a remarkable spot in the south and is visited by peaceful travellers with relaxed attitude. Famous beaches, churches and temples are found in the region. The places of interest are Promenede beach, Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple. Sri Aurobindo Ashrama is an ideal place for travellers for a peaceful stay.

Jog waterfalls

Jog waterfalls - places in South India

The Shimoga falls located in Karnataka at Shimoga district is also known as the jog falls. This is the second highest waterfalls in the country and is a favourite of the travellers. You can indulge in a wide range of activities in this place. During rainy season, the falls becomes more active and alive and the surrounding greeneries add up to the magnificence of the waterfalls. You can get a sight of rainbows too in the monsoon.

Ooty tourist places in South India

Ooty Sightseeing - places in South India

One of the best south Indian charms is Ooty that would never bore you even if you come hundred times. This is complete package for delighting your senses, best suitable for the romantic couples who want to spend time of their own lost in the nature. Toy train, Nilgiri hills, tea gardens, breathe taking Dobabetta peak is what you can enjoy. Trekking and angling is the major activities done by the adventures tourists.


The Tours In South India Were Very Enjoyable

South India tourism offers its faithful traveler’s excursions and trips to Greenland; The trip offers tourists is really interesting because it takes them to a lot of attractions such as pristine beaches, cool Hills resorts, freshwaters, and temples. This will also give you a great opportunity to explore the scenery, fauna, and finger-licking delicious delicacies from this place. A number of vacation and travel packages are offered to travelers who are always in search of crazy explore this wonderful land blessed with the gifts of nature. Plan a trip to this place and enjoy your free time.

The temples of South India

The south of India, not less than the Mini Temple of the world, is home to beautiful temples scattered all over this place. Known for its purity, it is a place that embodies spiritual relevance and holistic beauty. The tip here are some examples of rare architectural beauty; They serve as a truly inspiring sample beauty for all art lovers. Describe the various forms of art and many interesting features, the temples here will involve you and will certainly inspire you. They are the best craftsmen of the work that built it with hard work and dedication. Accompanied by hundreds of tourists and devotees, keep him animated all year round his temple.

Southern Indian Beaches

The house of the famous beach of the world, the south of India is the perfect place to meet, after escaping the hustle and bustle of the city’s life. The light blue sea against a misty blue background of the sky will keep you captivated. Walk the golden sand; Lie by the lazy sunbath, notice the waves colliding against the shore, fill your bag with seashells left behind, watch the twilight of the beach and finally let your mind wander the Southern, the beaches of India will give you some of the most expensive souvenirs For the rest of your life

Fauna of South India

Blessed with the gift of the universe, South Indian tourism also has a rich and unique fauna. Home to the National Parks and Wildlife of the world-famous, this is the most popular cruise for wildlife enthusiasts. National Parks and Wildlife serves as the most popular place for avid travelers to visit in search of beauty and entertainment. The wildlife here is really worth shooting on your camera, wildlife Safari on the streets that is thin and dense forest will be one of the most exciting experiences.

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